Hissan Pottery Hibino Malibu Turquoise Shigaraki Ware Round Plate 9 in

JPY ¥31,000

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This round plate features a captivating turquoise in a matte finish, evoking the serene beauty of ocean waves. It brings a pop of color to your dinner table, while the texture of Shigaraki ware adds an element of artisanal charm.

Hissan Pottery's Turkish glaze is hand-mixed using a generations-old formula. The masterfully textured stoneware surface enhances this stunning color, making unique variations in intensity that beautifully recreate the blue shades of the sea.

The Malibu series, ideal for summer gifting, is a collaboration between Hissan Pottery and Hibino Ceramic, which has been advancing the art of Shigaraki ware.

Ideally sized to take center stage at the table, you can use this piece as a main plate to serve fresh sashimi, salads and colorful confections for dessert.

Shigaraki ware is a Japanese stoneware produced in the area around the town of Shigaraki, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture. It is characterized by its rough, fire-resistant clay, and is made by mixing and kneading together several raw materials with clay from the bottom layer of Lake Biwa. 

Note: To prevent discoloration or staining, avoid storing acidic foods for extended durations. Wash promptly after use and do not soak for long periods.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: D 23.5 cm (9.3 in) x H 2 cm (0.8 in)
  • Material: Stoneware 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Shigaraki ware
  • Brand: Hissan Pottery

Hissan Pottery

Hissan Pottery is renowned for creating unique and beautiful Shigaraki ware, cherished by chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants both in Japan and internationally. Known for its elegant designs and vibrant colors, the pottery enhances the presentation of any dish.

Founded around 1870, Hissan Pottery is currently led by the fifth-generation owner, Ogawa Kimio. Building on traditional techniques for making tea utensils and flower vases passed down through generations, the company combines these skills with modern sensibilities to create exceptional stoneware.


About Shigaraki Ware
"Wabi-Sabi Japanese Pottery"

Shigaraki Ware is a ceramic ware made in the Shigaraki Town area of Shiga Prefecture in Japan, and is one of the “Rokkoyo” –the six oldest kilns in Japan. The warm scarlet color of the Shigaraki Ware is characterized by its thick, fire-resistant clay that has a firm texture, which has a high affinity with the color of plants, and is loved as flower vases and tea ware.

It is one of Japan's representative ceramic art forms where you can feel the natural form of the clay.