Kakusho Kiln Pomegranate Mikawachi Ware Kobachi Bowl

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This Pomegranate Small Bowl is a simple yet charming piece in blue and white. The pomegranate fruit is hand drawn and painted displaying graceful shades of blue. Little twigs stretching out from behind the leaves are drawn with fine lines. Painted on the center of the bowl, one can enjoy the gentle soft shades and the heart-warming painting. The rim is slightly curved which makes the bowl more sophisticated once held. Surprisingly light-weight and durable, this bowl is suitable for your daily meals and for special occasions.  

The shades of blue display an exquisite gradation, painted carefully by skilled craftspeople using brushes soaked in cobalt pigment, allowing the dye to flow naturally onto the porcelain. The dye "sinks" into the clay creating a gentle and soft shade of blue. The outlines are drawn swiftly with precision and care using soft and fine brushes along the contours of the flowers and leaves. 

This small bowl is suitable as a serving bowl or for presenting side dishes. The beautiful hand-painted pomegranate is unique in its soft shades of blue and delicate lines.

Mikawachi, located in the current Nagasaki Prefecture, is a historical region known for its Sometsuke porcelain ware. Historically, its kilns served the lordship of the Hirado Domain. Compared to Arita ware, Mikawachi ware's Sometsuke features a softer, gentler shade of blue, renowned for its intricately detailed paintings.

Kakusho Kiln is one of the prestigious kilns that served the lordship of Hirado Domain, and values  elegant beauty and gracefulness in the balance between white porcelain and fine blue paintings. Their craftspeople are skilled in the use of the gentle shades of blue characteristic of Mikawachi ware, and enhance its presence with the beauty of white porcelain. 


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: D12.7cm(5in) x H4cm(1.6in)
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Mikawachi Ware
  • Brand: Kakusho Kiln

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A historically presitigious kiln which used to serve the lordship of Hirado Domain in the Edo Period (1600 CE-1867 CE). Kakusho Kiln has passed on the traditional art of Blue and White for more than 300 years.The light-weight and elegant porcelain smooth to the touch. The soft and gentle shade of blue kind to the eye. 

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Mikawachi Ware, also known as Hirado Ware, is a pottery made in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Known for its translucent white porcelain, it was highly popular in Europe during the trend toward Japanese crafts in the West in the 20th century. Mikawachi Ware is remarkable for its delicate modeling techniques that push the limits of porcelain, such as openwork and relief carving, and for its beautiful painting that looks like a single piece of art.

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