4 November 2022

The Charm of Japanese Bamboo Food Picks 

Bamboo decorative food picks with cute motifs are one of the traditional bamboo crafts that have supported Japanese life since ancient times. They have motifs of flowers,  maple leaves and  plum blossoms, adding some cheer to food presentation. They are great for serving any type of appetizer and dishes and help to arrange little items—such as a cube of cheese, a small roll of ham, a cherry tomato or a pickled vegetable—and keep them in place in your bento. They also make eating items a lot easier. You can pick food up without using cutlery, making them ideal for outings and parties. An innovative and fun way to spice up your bento and other food presentation.

Miyabitake Flower Japanese Bamboo Food Picks

Miyabitake Maple Japanese Bamboo Food Picks

Miyabitake Plum Blossom Japanese Bamboo Food Picks


  • To Arrange Bento
  • Decorating Party Dishes
  • For Fruits, Cakes and Other Small Snacks
  • What’s good about Japanese Bamboo Food Picks? 
  • History of Japanese Bamboo Crafts 

To Arrange Bento

These colorful bamboo food picks instantly bring some whimsy to bento and make it easier to eat. When there are no bold colors in bento boxes, use these food picks to provide a visual impact, creating bento more fun and appetizing. They are sure to please small children and also picky eaters! 

To Arrange Party Dishes

Food picks are also perfect for decorating your party food. They make dishes look even more delicious and make it easy to eat without using cutlery. There are so many different types of finger foods that will be great for food picks. Spice up your next big party with our bamboo food picks!!

For Fruits, Cakes and Other Small Snacks

How about arranging small sweets or seasonal fruits with bamboo food picks? Seasonal fruits such as strawberries, grapes, apples, orange...anything goes well with bamboo food picks. You can also arrange small cupcakes, chocolates and other small snacks to add some extra decoration. There are many ways to arrange them. Dress up your light dishes and enjoy your snack time!!

What’s good about Japanese Bamboo Food Picks? 

The charm of this product is not only its cuteness, but also they are made of bamboo material, which is natural and reliable to use, smooth hand feeling, not easily deform or break, can accompany you for long term. Bamboo has antimicrobial action, which helps to stop foods from spoiling. It is safe to use even for families with small children. Compared to plastic picks, they easily hold slippery items in one stick. They are helpful to put small foods together and add extra color to your bento and other dishes.

History of Japanese Bamboo Crafts

The Kyushu region, where these products are made, is also a place where a large amount of bamboo is harvested. The region has long been famous for its hot spring resorts, and bamboo crafts have come to be used to make daily necessities for visitors to the resort since the edo period, (1603 - 1868). People visiting the area wanted to take those crafts back home and use them in their daily life. For example, lunch boxes used during a stay in the hot spring resort, a strainer used for washing rice, and a strainer tray in which vegetables and eggs are placed on and steamed in the hot spring water, and others. They are all made of bamboo and have become widely known in Japan since then.

Bamboo has the ability to grow up to one meter in one day. It is flexible, strong, and easy to split. In forests, trees have deep roots that hold the soil in place when it rains, whereas in bamboo forests, bamboo trees have shallow and extensive roots, so they have seen damage where the slope suddenly slides down along with the rooted soil layer after heavy rain. Therefore they need to be cut down to protect the environment. With all the cut down waste, bamboo crafts have been made and used at home as farming tools and other necessary tools for daily life.

No matter what the occasion is, these food picks would be a perfect garnish to your dishes. When we eat something, the better the food looks, the more delicious we feel. Let's arrange dishes with food picks to make your own unique bento and table settings. 

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