Keizan Kiln Origami Arita Fan-shaped Sauce Plate

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This unique fan-shaped sauce plate is made by Keizan Kiln from Arita ware. The colorful origami paper on this plate has a nostalgic and playful feel. 

The plates are available in different patterns, so you can have them all together for a more enjoyable table setting.

Perfect size as a sauce plate. It is also versatile to serve cheese, nuts, condiments, and other small food. Or you may put a small portion of food or relishes in, place it on a larger plate or into a bento box for more stylish and sophisticated food presentation.

Keizan Kiln is a kiln that has been making original Arita ware since 1957. The company specializes in tableware for daily use with careful painting that harmonizes with modern living. The combination of unique cobalt blue paint and the beautiful white porcelain is filled with the charm of Arita ware.


  • Dimension12cm×(4in) × 6.8cm(0.9in)× H1.9cm(0.9in)
  • Material: Porcelain - Arita ware
  • Brand: Keizan Kiln
  • Origin: Made in Japan


Keizan Kiln was founded in 1957 in search of the beauty of Sometsuke(blue and white ware). The motto of the Keizan Kiln's production is "to provide a comfortable life by making dishes that play the leading role." In line with this motto, the company specializes in daily-use tableware such as sake cups, Soba-choko (buckwheat noodle cups), and plates. The family has been keeping the family's light alive even after more than 60 years in business, with a desire to create and deliver their own original Arita Ware with their own hands. It is a kiln where you can feel the richness of spirit by using carefully painted tableware that harmonizes with your daily life.

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Arita Ware, made in the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture, is the oldest porcelain production area in Japan's history. Arita porcelain is characterized by its translucent white porcelain surface, dyeing using "Gosu" (indigo pigment), and gorgeous red painting using glassy overglaze pigments (red, green, yellow, purple, and blue). The pottery is highly durable and is produced in a wide variety of styles, from fine art to daily necessities. It was exported to Europe, where it was prized as fine art and called "white gold". Arita Ware is also a prestigious brand that is admired by ceramicists from other regions as a representative porcelain production area.

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