Arita Porcelain Lab - Japan Series

The Japan Series is a representative series of Arita Porcelain Lab's products that maintains the traditional style of Arita porcelain while modernizing the color scheme.

The unprecedented paints created by Yazaemon kiln's exclusive techniques are brushed on one by one by skilled craftsmen to create a variety of colors and textures inspired by scenes of the four seasons in Japan.

The shading of the brush that appears on the surface creates an elegance that cannot be imitated elsewhere. The design uses the traditional Arita Ware "Kissho" pattern, which has been considered auspicious since ancient times, as it is, and expresses it in a modern way by changing the color scheme.

The Kissho pattern has been widely used in Arita Ware by the potters of the past, who wished to enrich the lives of those who used the porcelain in both material and spiritual aspects. 

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