Table Setting #102
Fun Family Meals

The time you can spend with the little ones in your family at the table are precious moments that will become everlasting memories for you and your children. Make time to enjoy a delicious sit-down meal served in cute tableware with the children, and make your dining table a fun space filled with happy faces and silly giggles.


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Key points of this table setting

1.  Porcelain Tableware for Children 

Set the table with authentic, porcelain tableware items for your children and yourself for a fun family meal. 

Tableware for children come in different kinds of materials with many of them being durable, easy to wash and care for. But using authentic porcelain tableware can have advantages that exceed the benefits of convenience.
First, it is a great way to teach your children to take good care of the things they use. Explain to them the item was chosen especially for them, and that it is meant to be used for a long time. Choose items with their favorite animal on them or are in their favorite color. These Hasami Ware plates and cups come n a variety of different animal designs children will adore.

You can also send the message that you trust them you things that can be broken if not used gently. Boost your children's confidence with your trust in them. Let them know they are using the same kind of tableware as you are. The Hirota Arare Pattern Edo Glass Kobachi Bowls, with their charming design, beautifully plate fruit and turn a fruit mix into an appetizing dessert. Children will enjoy eating dessert with these decorative food picks from this pretty glass bowl.

Using tableware that children like and are easy to use, makes eating a fun experience and will help them have better eating habits. 

2. Setting the Table for a Special Meal with Children 

Set the table with happy colors and fun designs that will make your children want to come to table and eat.
Nothing difficult or too tedious. Just add some placemats and accessories to the selected tableware items and you will be ready to enjoy a meal with a special touch. 

We chose colorful placemats for the children and a dark colored one for the adult's individual placing. Cute Hasami Ware chopstick rests are adorable items to nicely set chopsticks on the table. And the matching plate, rice bowl and cup give a unified look and adds enjoyment to the table setting. 

For the adult at the table, we used a Hibino Eccle Ash White Mino Ware Round Plate to serve the same menu but in larger portions. 

The mug is one of our favorites, the Harekutani Butterfly Kutani Mug. Simply designed with the beautiful colors of Kutani Ware. Fairly small in size, children can also use these mugs as well.

There are days that call for small celebrations when you spend time with children. The first time they take a step, the first time they hold a spoon, the first day of kindergarten, they are all milestones in a child's life that can make that day special.

Give your table a different look using cute Japanese tableware and celebrate the joys of life with the little ones nearby together. 

Featured item

Hasami Ware Wave Series 

A cute collection of tableware items decorated with animals children love. All items are made from sturdy and shiny white Hasami Ware and are a perfect fit for small hands.

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