Table Setting #104
Donburi Delight

Who wouldn't love this appetizing Donburi menu in this lovely Donburi bowl. 
Make yourself a Japanese style meal with a Donburi bowl and enjoy a delightful lunch at home. 


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Key points of this table setting

1. Versatile Donburi Bowls

A Donburi bowl is the name for a large bowl in Japanese tableware. It’s a very popular and versatile piece of tableware used for easy-to-prepare everyday meals such as Donburi menus with rice, and noodles such as ramen, soba and udon. Donburi bowls can be made of ceramic, wood or Japanese lacquerware, and can come in various sizes. 
A basic Donburi bowl will be about 8cm(3.1in) deep and 15-19cm(6-7.5in) in diameter and will about 700ml (23.7oz) in capacity. 

As seen in our Donburi Bowl collection, Donburi menus with rice are best served in Donburi bowls with depth, and menus like ramen are best served in Donburi bowls with a wider diameter as to better enjoy the aroma of the soup.  But there is no strict rule on which kind of bowl you have to use for which kind of menu. Choose one with your favorite design and one that may be a good fit to your hands. 

2. Donburi Menus

Our Donburi menu for this table setting is a popular dish called "Sanshoku-don." "San-shoku" means "three colors" in Japanese, and the three colors are expressed with three different ingredients: flavored scrambled eggs for yellow, thinly sliced blanched okra for green, and soy sauced-flavored minced chicken meat for the light brown. This colorful Donburi menu looks very appetizing in this rustically designed Kousai Kiln Donburi bowl. 

3.  How to Serve

A Donbrui menu is a whole meal in itself, a main dish on a large serving of rice. To make the meal complete, a nice bowl of soup and some pickled vegetables would be great accompaniments. If you like, you can add a salad or a side dish in a kobachi bowl.
Now, you're all set to eat! 

A Donburi menu maybe one of the easiest ways to enjoy Japanese food. When you use a beautifully crafted Donburi bowl, it elevates the look of the table and can increase the enjoyment of eating a Donburi menu or any kind of noodle menu. 

Featured items

Kousai Kiln 

Kousai Kiln is owned by Mr. Hirohiko Umeno, a potter engaged in pottery making in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture. He trained at a Kiyomizu ware kiln in Kyoto City and opened his own kiln in Mt. Nakao in 1991. He produces unique pottery based on handmade and hand-painted techniques.
His style of combining Shigaraki style "Yakishime(high-fired unglazed ceramics)" and traditional "Some-nishiki," is popular for its fusion of stoneware, which is relatively rare for Hasami ware, with the elegance of the Kyo ware style. The unique motifs such as plants like flowers and grapes, and animals like cats and rabbits, make it fun to choose from the wide variety of pieces made at Kousai Kiln.

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