Table Setting #108
A Cozy New Year Celebration 

Celebrate the new year with a Japanese style table setting for two with a Jubako bento box filled with the traditional New Year cuisine of Japan, "Osechi ryori." 


  • New Year Cuisine for Two 
  • "Osechi ryori" and "Ozouni"
  • Delivering Good Wishes
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. New Year Cuisine for Two   

Giving the table a complete coordinated look for a special occasion, especially New Year, is a daunting task. So, for this table-for-two setting, we set the table with lesser tableware items and added decorative items to enhance the celebratory atmosphere. 
The Black Running Water Echizen Lacquerware Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box holds just the right amount of Osechi ryori for two. This Jubako is slightly smaller in size making it easier to fill. 
For the individual setting, we chose a golden plate from Arita Porcelain Lab as the charger plate and lined it with a "haran" leaf. The small dishes from Zuiho Kiln and Tasei Kiln are used to serve auspicious menus like Kuromame(sweet black beans), and Ikura(salmon roe).

2. "Osechi ryori" and "Ozouni"   

Osechi ryori is about starting the new year with food filled with auspicious and good wishes. Traditionally, Osechi ryori is set in a multi-tiered Jubako bento box as this one. It comes with a lid so the food can be easily stored in the Jubako. 

The first tier contains the most auspicious menus such as Kuromame(sweet black beans), Kazunoko(Herring roe) and Kamaboko(red and white fish cakes).
The menu in the second tier is stewed vegetables. The vegetables each hold a different meaning such as shiitake mushrooms meaning longevity, and lotus roots for a bright outlook and fertility.  

The soup in the lacquerware soup bowl is called "Ozouni." In Japan, there are differences in flavor and ingredients depending on the region. 
This Ozouni is made in the Kyoto style with white miso and a round mochi ball garnished with carrots and a slice of yuzu peel. The soup is served in a fine dining style in the deep red colored Gold Decoration Yamanaka Lacquerware Soup Bowl.

3. Delivering Good Wishes  

Placing decorative items and floral arrangements on the table can help elevate the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. There are a wide variety of Japanese home decor items that can be used to set the theme of the table.  

This beautifully crafted home decor item is a lucky mallet called a "Kozuchi" with a rabbit which is the zodiac sign for the year 2023. A "Kozuchi" is a mythical lucky mallet that produces anything wished when shaken. The rabbit on the mallet is called a "Mizunoto-u" which is the specific name for the zodiac rabbit sign for the year 2023. The "Mizunoto-u" represents calmness and gentle warmth which can be felt through its rounded shape and adorable expression.

The Fukunishi Sobe Pine, Bamboo and Plum Aizu Lacquerware Sakazuki Flat Sake Cups represent the traditional  patterns of pine tree, bamboo and plum blossoms and are considered as auspicious motifs in Japan, bringing good luck and longevity. The Aizu lacquerware cups are hand painted one by one by skilled Maki-e artists.
When sake is poured into the cups, the painting becomes even more beautiful with its glossy reflection. The exquisite combination of red and gold make them perfect for drinking sake for celebratory occasions. 

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