Table Setting #111
Welcome Spring to the Table with Celadon Plates    

Cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring in Japan, but in some regions there are early-blooming cherry blossoms that flower around February that let you enjoy the warmth of spring. Take a break from the cold winter weather and decorate your table using Imari Nabeshima ware celadon plates in light blue hues with spring-beckoning designs.


  • Early Arrival of Spring on the Table
  • Premium Celadon Tableware - Imari Nabeshima Ware 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Early Arrival of Spring on the Table

Feel the light and refreshing air of spring vibes with celadon items on your table top. 

We created a simple yet elegant table decor by setting individual servings on a gold placemat with celadon plates and basic Mino ware teacups. We laid a table runner made from Japanese Washi paper from Morisa to add a touch of elegance. The white table runner and the gold placemat complement each other well and are a good color combination.

We used the cast iron teapot with the matching trivet when serving tea at the table. The golden white color gives a soft and bright impression, and can be a conversation-starter as it is an authentic Nambu ironware teapot with style and a timeless design.

We served beautiful sakura tea to make the occasion special. Although named sakura tea, it is actually made by pouring hot water over salted cherry blossoms. It is said that the cherry petals gradually opening as hot water is poured into the teacup is thought to symbolize  "opening up the future" and "bringing good luck." Thus, this tea came to be served at celebratory occasions or when entertaining guests in the springtime. 

2. Premium Celadon Tableware - Imari Nabeshima Ware

See and feel each single cherry blossom and leaf with these beautiful Imari Nabeshima ware plates from Hataman Touen's Moist series. The items in the Moist series have a soft hazy texture reminiscent of the spring haze often seen during springtime in Japan. The thick coats of glaze containing specks of iron create the delicate color of celadon and give depth to the patterns. 

Imari Nabeshima ware is porcelain with a prestigious history as it was originally manufactured only as gifts to the  shogunate of the time and feudal lords. Hataman Touen produces beautiful Imari Nabeshima ware items following traditional techniques while adding a modern flair. Enjoy the gentle and soft color of celadon with their uniquely designed items.

Imari Nabeshima ware from Hataman Touen will deliver the lightness and softness of a spring breeze to your table with its noble colors and detailed designs. Bring spring one step closer to your home with this refined and elegant table top decorated with beautiful celadon items from Hataman Touen.

Featured item

Hataman Touen

Hataman Touen is a company that aims to "create a new Nabeshima" while preserving the history and traditional craft of Imari Nabeshima ware, which has continued for 370 years. Based on the belief that "traditional crafts can only be inherited if they are closely connected to daily life," the company offers tableware that enriches the spirit and sensibility of today's modern lifestyles.

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