Table Setting #116
A Japanese Style Lunch in an Auspicious Spring Motif 

Even on the harshest of winter days, plum blossoms mark their beauty with charming blooms and fragrant aromas. They usher in the promise of springtime and symbolize good luck.
Set the table for an authentic Japanese style meal with auspicious designs in a plum motif using a lacquerware Jubako bento box and beautiful Arita ware. 


  • Using a Jubako Bento Box for an Elegant Lunch
  • The Plum Motif
  • Feel Tradition with Decorative Designs  
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1.  Using a Jubako Bento Box for an Elegant Lunch 

Enjoy the elegant branches and dainty buds of plum blossoms with a Jubako bento box style lunch for two.
The two tier Yamanaka lacquerware Jubako bento box is a wonderful centerpiece for a Japanese style meal. The clean and symmetrical shape makes it easy to create a fine-dining presentation. The subtleness of matte red lacquer along with the octagonal shape of the Jubako bento box prevents it from making the tablescape overly formal.

The soup bowl, small Kobachi bowls and the gold-decorated chopsticks organized on the placemat are given an attractive composition like a picture frame. Using a tray of a darker color emphasizes the area on which the plates are placed and gives the food appetizing appeal.

2. The Plum Motif  

The plum motif enhances the presentation of the individual setting in the Jubako bento box and on the placemat. Small tableware items shaped in the form of plum blossoms give a unified look to the Jubako bento box lunch. 

Plum trees branch out gracefully and create artful lines on a table. A touch of refined beauty is added to the tablescape with the random pink plum blossoms.  Be bold when decorating with branches and give the table movement and dimension. 

3. Feel Tradition with Decorative Patterns and Designs    

Our table is filled with traditional patterns and designs that bring a refined auspiciousness to the table. Gathering items of various shapes and sizes not only creates a festive atmosphere but also adds a layer of style. This is one of the most alluring elements of Japanese tableware. Each item brings something special to the table.

Traditional patterns of bamboo, Japanese pampas grass, and peonies embellish this Kobachi bowl from Arita Porcelain Lab. Bamboo symbolizes flexibility and unbreakable strength, pampas grass represents the vitality of plants, and peonies symbolize good fortune. The bowl is exquisite with its intricate details and petal-like form. 

This Arita celadon plate set come in the auspicious designs of a gourd, Japanese fan and pine tree. The light blue hues of celadon gracefully adorn the table and highlight food items set on them.  

Colorful cherry blossoms are seen afloat on the stunning lacquerware surface of this soup bowl. Cherry blossoms are heavily linked with the Japanese reverence for nature and have become a symbol of renewal, and appreciation for the present.

Experience delicious Japanese cuisine at home in a rustic style Jubako bento box at a table adorned with handsomely crafted Arita ware designed in a seasonal plum motif.

Featured Items

Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Series  

This is a series in the Ko-Imari (Old Arita) style, which the seventh generation Yazaemon inherited to mark the 200th year of traditional Ko-Imari style technique. The first generation Yazaemon Matsumoto first opened the kiln at Sarayama, Arita, Bizen (present day southeastern Okayama Prefecture). It is a work of traditional design with refined and artistic brush strokes. 

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