Table Setting #119
Lunch Party in Pretty Spring Colors    

As cold winter days slowly become a thing of the past, now is a great time of the year to get together with friends and embrace the warm weather. 
Enjoy a friendly gathering with plates and menus in vibrant spring-inspired shades to capture the essence of seasonal cheer. 


  • How to decorate a round table
  • Tableware that brighten up a tabletop 
  • What's on the menu 
  • Featured items

Points of This Table Setting

1. How to decorate a round table  

Our decoration for this setting is basic and easy to do. We started with a clean white tablecloth on our round table. The glass vases with spring flowers give just enough height to the table without blocking the view of your guests. 

Starting from the center of the table, we placed the serving bowls fairly close to one another to set the center of the table. The other items are fanned out from the center giving a balanced tablescape on a perfectly round table.
The table gives an impression of a flower garden in the springtime filled with pretty happy colors.  

2. Tableware that brighten up a tabletop  

So, what tableware pieces decorate the table for this fun lunch with the gang?
In the center of the round table are Kutani ware serving bowls with detailed and delightful designs from Ginshu kiln. A family-run Kutani ware kiln, unique pieces with a sophisticated yet delicate feel are lovingly crafted by a father-mother-daughter trio. The colors of budding pink flowers, new green leaves with hints of yellow express the essence of all things beautiful in the springtime.

And not to overdecorate the tabletop, basic Mino ware plates in different colors are set for each person. These gentle-colored plates help unite all the items on the table together. The individual plates are big enough to hold hearty servings of the various menus. And we didn't forget to add matching side plates for dessert.

3.  What's on the menu? 

As Hinamtatsuri celebrations are approaching, the main dish is Chirashi-sushi. This is the iconic dish for Hinamatsuri and it adds an extra level of specialness to our lunch party.
Some other favorites are Japanese-style fried chicken, potato salad, and a green salad with spring vegetables and fruit. 

A luncheon would not be complete without dessert.
Cute spring-colored mochi balls on skewers and strawberry "Daifuku-mochi (mochi with sweet bean paste)" will satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.    
Sweet cookie sticks are easy to munch on and look stylish when set in an elegant tea cup. 

There are so many things to look forward to with the arrival of spring. Warmer days mean more hours of sunshine - the perfect moment to host a leisurely lunch party. Liven up the mood with a splash of vibrant colors with pretty tableware.

Featured Items

Kutani Ginshu Kiln "Porcelain in a dreamland"

Ginshu kiln, which is designed and painted by a father, mother and daughter, has a new aspect of Kutani ware design. It has a gentle atmosphere and is painted with enchanting neutral colors, which takes you to a dreamland of colored artwork. First generation Bunkichi is known as the master craftsman in Kutani. They are engaged in making their products with great attention to detail, sincerely wishing that customers would truly enjoy their tableware. Their works of traditional Kutani coloring and refined craftsmanship will add vividness and playfulness to your dining table.

View Items from Ginshu Kiln