Table Setting #124
A Milestone Celebration in Modern Blue Tones 

Make a milestone celebration into a memorable home affair by planning a special dinner at home. Creating an unforgettable ambiance with elegant tableware items is an ideal way to honor the occasion. Our table top decorated with beautiful blue Mino ware will give your celebration an exquisite fine-dining feel, perfect for a festive occasion!


  • A Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Home
  • Set the Stage with Stylish Accessories 
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Key points of this table setting

1.  A Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Home   

Today, we set the table to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary, a 25th silver wedding anniversary. A cozy family celebration can make this moment extra special and very personal.  

Creating a special table setting at home doesn't have to be difficult. Mino ware plates from Hibino Ceramic are the ideal choice for making your dinner special as they specialize in providing items that culinary professionals use. Although all the plates vary slightly, the hues of blue and round shape unite them, giving off a unified impression. The bowl and the plate used for the main dishes with its marble-like design complement the blue scheme beautifully while adding a touch of sophistication.

Begin the festivities with a special toast with quality sake pieces. Fill a beautifully crafted Seigado tin sake cup from the matching tin carafe, perfect for festive occasions. The silver color perfectly symbolizes the "silver" of a 25th wedding anniversary.

Matching bamboo and tin together is a great option, too, as bamboo is known as a symbol of longevity. Express wishes for all the years that lie ahead to the married couple.

2. Set the Stage with Stylish Accessories

Special additions to the table make a big difference. They will complement your color scheme and the occasion. You can use flowers in vases, bottle coolers, stylish chopstick rests and neatly folded napkins to add a personal touch.  

An artfully shaped ALART vase with a white flower stands gracefully next to a bamboo cooler and gives height to the tablescape. 

Metallic chopstick rests and small plates from Hutlery elevate the specialness of the setting. The deep black ebony chopsticks with decorations made of shell inlays are also items fitting for this special dinner. 

Adding a unique touch to the occasion, we displayed our napkins folded in the shape of a boat to match the blue colors like the ocean. This gives an extra layer of delight that makes the festivity feel a homey affair.

Mark 25 years of special moments with a truly enchanting dinner with your family. With a bit of planning and imagination, you can make an anniversary celebration at your home truly special and filled with warmth and love.

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Mino Hibino Ceramic

Hibino is a tableware brand made in Mino, the largest ceramic production area in Japan. The brand includes a wide variety of restaurant-grade tableware, which is highly praised by chefs around the world.

They also excel at making tableware that matches the ever-evolving dining scene by accurately responding to the needs of their customers through a multifaceted understanding of the latest trends. Many top hotels and restaurants in Japan praise their tableware. Their tableware aims to enrich the dining experience of foodies around the world by generously incorporating traditional and high quality Japanese ceramic manufacturing techniques.

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