Table Setting #130
Hanami: Picnicking under the Cherry Blossoms

This spring we packed some of our cherished seasonal items along with a delicious Jubako bento box lunch to enjoy our long-awaited first hanami outing at MUSUBI KILN. Often translated as "cherry blossom viewing," hanami encompasses much more than just admiring the stunning cherry blossoms in bloom.  
See how we spent a delightful day filled with laughter and cheers amongst dancing soft pink petals savoring a beautifully packed lunch with sake.  


  • Spring in Full Bloom 
  • "Hana-yori-dango" - Time to Eat!
  • Cheers! 
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Key points of this table setting

1. Spring in Full Bloom

Hanami is one of the most enjoyable ways to take in all that spring has to offer. Birdsongs fill the warm air, and as you lie on the grass you can feel its newly grown blades tickle your skin. Everywhere you look there are hues of vivid green and soft pink, while a soft breeze carries the delicate scent of cherry blossoms. It is a time to embrace all of spring's gifts with friends and family together, eating seasonal delicacies and savoring refreshing cool sake.

Nestled among rows of cherry blossom trees, we chose the perfect spot right under one of the park's biggest trees. We spread out our items on a picnic blanket, ready to enjoy the hanami bento lovingly prepared by our colleague, all packed in a stunning lacquerware bento box. No stress over breakage with a wooden bento box as it is not just beautiful but perfectly suited for the outdoors. To elevate this once-a-year celebration, we brought along exquisite glass sake cups, a gorgeous collection of tea items, and a uniquely charming piece to sprinkle a bit more joy into our hanami experience

2. "Hana-yori-dango" - Time to Eat!    

The Japanese proverb "hana-yori-dango" is a popular saying during the hanami season. Translated as "dumplings before flowers," it conveys the notion that practical needs often take precedence over aesthetic appreciation—a concept that is easy to understand when you consider the allure of enjoying wonderful food beneath the picturesque cherry blossoms! Even a humble onigiri transforms into a culinary delight when savored amidst the spectacular scenery of cherry blossom trees.

However, the hanami bento prepared by our colleague was anything but ordinary. It was truly a sight to behold. Not only was it visually appealing and delicious, but the thoughtful inclusion of a handwritten menu added an extra bit of elegance to the total presentation. 

Another colleague brought traditional Japanese sweets called sakura-mochi which are pink Japanese sweets wrapped in cured cherry blossom leaves (yes, cherry blossom leaves are edible when cured). 

There are no rules on what needs to be included in a hanami bento. A couple right across from us was enjoying champagne and baguette sandwiches, where another group was celebrating the cherry blossoms with beer and some snacks. It's all about just enjoying the moment. 

3. Cheers!  

For many, the highlight of hanami is enjoying tasty sake under the showering cherry blossoms. Hanami zake is the word that poetically describes the leisurely site of drinking sake during hanami. The glass sake cup adorned with gold and painted cherry blossoms was an extra-special item we brought from our shelves for this festive occasion. 

One more special item we brought along was our new stackable sake cup set. What makes this set unique is that it comes with a die and can be used as an entertaining pastime during hanami or any sake-drinking occasion. 

Just place the die in the lidded cup, open after shaking and check the number on the top of the die. Then choose the sake cup with the same number of cherry blossom petals, pour in sake and then take a sip! 

For our tea-loving colleague, we placed a houhin teapot set on a tree stump we took back from Yamanaka Onsen when visiting a lacquerware craftsman. It was the perfect size to serve two cups of tea and a houhin teapot with a little extra room left for our fourth guest at our hanami picnic. 

Each year, we delight in one of the most beloved traditions of spring: hanami. As winter fades, we start to yearn for days with pink cherry blossoms adorning our neighborhoods and parks. An opportunity to gather outdoors and breathe in nature's beauty alongside friends and family is something we all look forward to after months of cold weather. We treasure this fleeting moment of splendor and celebrate another beautiful spring season under the warm sun. 
Welcome to the wonderful culture of hanami in Japan! 

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