Table Setting #133
Beautifully Blue Across the Table 

An inviting atmosphere with Japanese tableware can be created with a well-coordinated color scheme and seasonal items. To create an elegant early summer setting, blue is a great choice as a main color. Its calming, tranquil atmosphere adds refinement that won't go unnoticed by your guests.

Embellishing with stylish plates and decorative items will give your table an extra boost of beauty and warmth, making sure your guests have an unforgettable time in this exquisite setting. 


  • All Things Blue and Beautiful
  • Make a Difference with Stylish Designs and Patterns
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1. All Things Blue and Beautiful

With light blue as our primary shade of blue, our table creates comfort reminiscent of a gentle breeze. And the added different tones from celadon to cerulean hues blend beautifully adding contrast and depth. Take a look at the nicely coordinated blue tableware items we have on the table. 

This box plate is a unique item elevating the refined ambience of the table. The creative shape makes it ideal for serving dainty one-bite appetizers.

A warm-weather gathering calls for a refreshing menu like our small fresh salmon bowl. The vibrant color of the salmon matches perfectly with the tiny Medaka rice fish on the sides of the celadon rice bowl.

And for a cheerful "kanpai" moment, enjoy a glass of cold beer or any soothingly cool beverage with this matching stylish tumbler. Perfectly shaped to fit in one's hand, this tumbler creates tiny bubbles of carbonation that  glisten atop the drink. 

2. Make a Difference with Stylish Designs and Patterns

Bringing texture and charm to the table for any season can be done with items rich in patterns and texture. Whether it is for a special occasion or just everyday meals, these pieces offer the perfect way to add visual interest and style to a tabletop.

Eye-catching designs from the Arita Porcelain Lab's cooler decorate the coat of blue on the table with grace. The "Seigaiha" wave pattern, which embodies waves coming and going as an invitation of happiness, is joined with an ancient dragon motif once only allowed to be worn by emperors. This auspicious masterpiece is modernly expressed in two shades of blue and platinum. When hosting a gathering, having something to cool beverages on display is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. As a great addition to any gathering, it brings a much-appreciated touch of beauty to the table. 

This beautiful wind bell combines bamboo basketry with Iwate Prefecture's traditional craft Nambu Ironware. Relax with the soft jingles of the iron wind bell and the fine artistry of the bamboo frame.

Bring a unified look to your table with an all blue scheme. Items and accents in varying shades and prints will bring a special vibrancy to your table decor. To complete the look, attractive ornaments can add that extra layer of sophistication. Get ready for a fun gathering for the coming season by coloring your table with a dash of blue!

Featured Items


Celadon porcelain originated in China and was introduced to Japan by the 10th century. Among the aristocratic classes at that time, celadon ware from China was regarded as the finest imported goods at the time. They adored its mysterious blue color and named it "secret-color." 
Production of celadon ware began in the Hizen region, the northwestern part of present Kyushu in the early Edo period (c. 1603-1868), and the technique was later passed on to Kyoto and nearby areas. In 1957, the craft technology was designated a national intangible cultural asset. Celadon continues to be loved by many and is worked on by many potters and artists today.

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