Table Setting #144
Bizen Ware in the Summer  

Under the brilliant summer sun, there is a certain enjoyment in a dining experience that captures the spirit of the season. Bizen ware, with its rustic appeal, can be blended into your summer table setting and bring an undeniable charm. These stoneware pieces from Hozan Kiln boast comforting earthy tones for a unique mixture of natural colors that are sure to stimulate your senses.


  • The Perfect Companion for the Hot Summer Days
  • Enhancing Beer Enjoyment with Bizen Ware
  • Subtle Splashes of Color 
  • Featured Items

1. The Perfect Companion for the Hot Summer Days

In the scorching heat of summer, one craves simplicity and elegance, and Bizen ware beautifully encapsulates these qualities.

For a modern table setting that complements the timelessness of Bizen ware, we placed all dishes for an individual serving on a beautiful gold placemat from Hakuichi. The interplay between the organic tones of the stoneware and the warm gleam of gold creates an eye-catching display that adds a hint of elegance.

Throughout Japan's culinary culture, seasonal elements have had a strong influence on the choice of tableware. During midsummer you will often see items made of glass, celadon pieces as well as stoneware like Bizen ware which have an impressive ability to resist water. This makes Bizen ware bowls and cups perfect items to be used for dishes with sauces and beverages. 

A delightful combination of cold soba noodles served with a chilled dipping sauce, a culinary symphony is perfectly suited for the lightweight and water-resistant Bizen ware large bowl. 

2. Enhancing Beer Enjoyment with Bizen Ware

Crafted using traditional firing techniques, Bizen ware from Hozan Kiln exhibits exclusive designs on its surface along with a unique porous texture.
This unique texture of Bizen ware keeps beer cold and refreshing. As the porous clay is able to absorb and dissipate heat, you can sip on the perfect chill from start to finish. 

Not only does it keep drinks cooler for longer, this Bizen ware tumbler's distinct texture helps create a silky, frothy layer of tiny bubbles. As an added charm, Bizen ware is also renowned for its remarkable capacity to soften whatever drink it holds, creating an experience that's sure to please all palates. This exceptional property makes Bizen ware a favorite to enjoy cold beer, chilled shochu and even a cold serving of water. 

3. Subtle Splashes of Color

An addition of subtle splashes of color will take your Japanese culinary experience one step further. Kutani ware, renowned for its intricate colorful hand-painted designs, brings a touch of vibrant hues to the table. Small plates, adorned with delicate brushstrokes and intricate patterns, become a canvas of artistic expression. 

Kyo ware has the ability to bring a touch of sophistication to the table. The hand-painted plates for Tosen Kiln captivate with its intricate detail and delicate brushwork. With their beautiful designs, Kyo ware plates lend an artful element to your summer table.

Enjoy dishes like cold soba and ice-cold beer while being enveloped in a soothing ambiance that only Bizen ware can provide. Let Bizen ware's timeless appeal provide your summer table setting with an aura of natural beauty and artistry, and its charm grace your summer season. 

Featured Items

Hozan Kiln

Hozan Kiln is a long-established Bizen Ware kiln located in Imbe, Bizen City, the heartland of Bizen ware, and is directly descended from the Six families of Bizen ware potters. 
Toshiaki Mori, a 19th generation ceramic artist at Hozan Kiln, holds the belief that "Bizen ware is not a tradition for the artists, but a culture for the people" and emphasizes the cultural value of Bizen Ware. Today, Toshiaki aims to share Japan's culture to the global community through Bizen ware with a style that resonates to those with contemporary tastes.

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