Table Setting #135
A New Dining Experience:
Tradition Reborn with Modern Sensibilities 

Experience the best of both worlds. Treat yourself to a fine dining experience at your home table with stunning tableware and decorative items that deliver tradition with modern sensibilities. 

Come explore our selection of spectacularly beautiful pieces to dress your table and enjoy an evening of exquisite cuisine!


  • Dazzling Colors with White
  • Classic with a Contemporary Twist
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Dazzling Colors with White

Your guest will be immediately captivated by the vibrant color of these stunning placemats. These HAKU LA TABLE placemats are made in the image of the majestic Mt. Fuji in blue and reflect its serene beauty. Slightly larger than our standard placemats, they provide ample space to accommodate multiple plates.

Created with the traditional technique used to manufacture Kanazawa metal leaf, the placemats add a brilliant sparkle to the table and to the items placed upon them.

Also from HAKU LA TABLE, this coaster offers artistic texture and color to the table. 
From the FIVE SENSES series, this coaster is made in the image of the beautiful hue of water. The bold contrast with the vermillion of the lacquer on the sake cooler is striking and enhances the presentation of the table, bringing a heightened impact. And the subtle color match with the tomatoes gives a sense of order to the whole composition.

Adding a further brightness to the white-hued table is the "karesansui" garden kit. This unique style of garden utilizes no water, instead the design is created with just sand and rocks to achieve a stunningly authentic representation of a traditional Japanese scenery. An entertaining and eye-soothing item to set in the center of the tabletop design.

2. Classic with a Contemporary Twist

Enjoy items created with the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity on our stylish table setting.

The first item is the stunning ALART serving plate. This small tray masterfully showcases the beauty and versatility of aluminum by marrying an artfully designed aluminum tray with a sleek black aluminum base. The result is an eye-catching piece that offers both visual appeal and functional utility. A wonderful item that showcases traditional Japanese patterns and gives height to tableware items.

A delight for any tabletop, Hataman Touen's Moist Series pine-shaped plate is crafted from Imari Nabeshima Ware. Summer dishes such as fresh scallop sashimi with lime slices are given an appetizing presentation on the matte celadon texture that radiates with tenderness and care. A perfect blend of the pale blue of celadon with the contemporary addition of dainty gold accents provides an exquisite feel of sophistication and refinement. 

This unique ikebana vase is made by utilizing the time-honored traditional technique of "sand casting" which has been passed down through generations in Takaoka City, the heartland of metalwork.

Accompanied with a "kenzan (metal flower frog)" this enchanting Ikebana flower vase can be used to easily create stunning displays by fixing blooms onto the small-sized kenzan. With just a single bloom, this vase becomes a charming addition to your home.

For a little twist of fun, adorn the Gingado vases with a charming tin ornament.

When entertaining guests, presenting a fine dining experience is about delicious food and an inviting atmosphere. Beauty and tradition can be combined with modern aesthetics to craft a unique environment that will elevate the evening and inspire lively conversations.

Create an unforgettable tabletop that will remain etched in you and your guest's memories with striking colors and handsome tableware.

Featured Items


Founded in 1975, Hakuichi is a pioneer in the gold leaf industry, having designed and developed its own brand of craft products and carved out a direct sales channel, unlike the gold leaf manufacturing industry in Kanazawa, which until then had focused on products for Buddhist altars. Hakuichi is the only comprehensive gold leaf company in Japan that manages every process from the production to the sale of gold leaf crafts.

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