Table Setting #139
A Hearty Tonkatsu Lunch on Warm Celadon Ware

Indulging in a satisfying meal is a wonderful experience, and this tonkatsu, fried pork cutlets, lunch is sure to please your guests with its gastronomic charm and visual appeal. 

Feel the sumptuousness of a meal that brings together delectable tonkatsu and invigorating cold beer, served up in style on stunning celadon tableware from Soryu Kiln in Kyoto. Treat your senses with this inviting combination!


  • A Tantilizing Tonkatsu Lunch
  • Soryu Kiln and Celadon Craftsmanship
  • Matching with Celadon
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Key points of this table setting

1. A Tantilizing Tonkatsu Lunch 

We set the table for a two-person lunch that is sure to deliver satisfaction.
On a clean white tablecloth, tableware in an opaque hue of blue celadon adds the main soft colors to the tablescape. The dark tones on the ridges of each item give definition to their shapes and presence on the table. Bright green asparagus spears arranged atop the pristine white Usuki Long Oval plate gives a distinct splash of summertime.

Tonkatsu, one of the most beloved main dishes in Japan, is given an elegant makeover on the celadon plate from Soryu Kiln. On the plate for your guest is a generous portion of pork filet surrounded by a bed of shredded cabbage. Completely balanced, there is a bowl of rice to the left and miso soup to the right. This setting makes for a wholesome meal.

2. Soryu Kiln and Celadon Craftsmanship

A blue sky peeking from the clouds after a rain shower is the color expressed in the celadon of Soryu Kiln. The unique uniformed grooves made by a traditional chattering technique adds depth to the color of celadon. Soryu Kiln produces porcelain tableware that stands out with their attractive appearance filled with creativity and warmth.

Their large cup suited for a frosty cup of beer and the smaller size ideal for sipping on a hot cup of tea. Both have just the right proportions to satisfy you and your guest's thirst.

With their comforting thickness, Soryu Kiln's tableware items allow you to incorporate comforting celadon hues into your daily meals with ease. Their emphasis on practicality is certainly appreciated for those who enjoy celadon tableware. 

3. Matching with Celadon  

Tableware with wooden textures and rustic stoneware are ideal complements for the delicate shades of celadon from Soryu Kiln are an ideal accompaniment for.

This very authentic rice container is called an "Ohitsu" and is used to serve warm rice at the table during a meal. Once a standard tableware item on the table, it is now mostly seen at traditional "Ryokans," Japanese inns. We opted for the classic ohitsu made of Magewappa, traditional Japanese bending wood crafting for our tonkatsu lunch. The cedar's rich texture added to the nostalgic ambience of the table and matches wonderfully with the blue celadon. 

A tonkatsu meal would not be complete without a generous drizzle of thick tonkatsu sauce. With its coarse texture and natural-stone colors this Mino Ware sauce container blends in beautifully with this neat and refreshing table decor.

Tonkatsu has a distinctive, full-bodied taste with its crunchy panko coating and savory sauce. Miso soup is a delightful and light accompaniment with its umami flavoring and is usually served with a meal served with rice. This Gato Mikio Yamanaka lacquerware miso soup bowl is undeniably a stunning item to serve miso soup for any meal. 

When you bring rustic celadon Kyo ware into the mix, a tonkatsu meal is given a refreshing aesthetic that is pleasing to the eyes. These Kyo ware pieces carry a heartwarming elegance that add an extra special charm to these always popular fried pork cutlets. Not only does the tonkatsu taste delightfully crispy and tangy but when presented in these decorative and timeless dishes, dining becomes a fully immersive experience.

Featured Items

Soryu Kiln 

Soryu Kiln is a Kyo ware kiln highly skilled in the art of celadon porcelain, combining the techniques of Koishiwara ware of Fukuoka prefecture. It is unique in design where shades of blue of the celadon ware are emphasized by the grooves made by carving out continuous geometric patterns by a skill called "Tobikanna" (Chattering Pottery). 

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