Table Setting #147
A Home Celebration with Festive Arita Ware  

Celebrating special moments at home is a wonderful way to honor and cherish the joyous occasions in our lives. Whether it's a promotion, graduation, or any other milestone, setting up a beautiful table arrangement at home adds an extra touch to the festive occasion.

The beautiful combination of a porcelain Jubako bento box crafted in an auspicious motif, and gorgeous stackable gold bowls all made of Arita ware will create a celebratory table setting that will make your at-home event one that your guest will remember forever.


  • Decorate Your Table with Celebratory Arita Ware
  • Unveiling the Yazaemon Jubako Bento Box
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Decorate Your Table with Celebratory Arita Ware

Sitting at the middle of a joyous feast, the exquisite porcelain Jubako bento box serves as an attractive centerpiece and brings an atmosphere of auspiciousness and authenticity. It is ornamented with traditional designs on its lid that emits a festive air.

Sushi wrapped in colorful bamboo leaves are carefully placed within one tier of the Jubako bento box and delicately flavored vegetables in the other. 

The celebratory spirit is amplified by golden items placed upon the table. The slightly muted glitter of the gold conical modern Jubako bento box adds a subtle touch of festive flair.

The beauty of using gold-colored tableware items lies in their versatility. They can be used to create a wide range of decorative themes, and this is especially true when combined with white. The simple, unadorned nature of these gold bowls and plate serves as an effective backdrop for displaying the intricate designs on the white porcelain Jubako bento box. Together, they can make for a modern yet timeless pairing.

2. Unveiling the Yazaemon Jubako Bento Box

The porcelain Jubako bento box from the Yazaemon series by Arita Porcelain Lab is a true masterpiece. It pays homage to the time-honored Ko-imari style with its traditional designs and colors. This two-tiered box features motif that make it the ideal serving ware item for both special occasions and intimate meals for two. 

The design of the Jubako bento box incorporates the revered "Four Gentlemen" or "Four Noble Ones," a traditional combination of plants symbolizing virtue in Chinese art. These plants include plum, chrysanthemum, orchid, and bamboo, and when combined with the pine motif, they form a highly auspicious floral motif. 

Together with the classic color combination of the Ko-mari style of indigo, red and gold, these elements bestow a sense of high esteem and auspiciousness to the Jubako bento box's detailed patterns.

Featured Items

Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Four Noble Flowers Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box

This is a porcelain two-tiered box decorated with flower motifs. The design is not only suitable for festive and celebratory occasions, but is also practical for everyday use. The box comes with a lid, allowing for convenient storage in the refrigerator, and it is also microwave-safe, so you can heat it directly.

Its modest size makes it ideally suited for two people. It may be used to serve food for lunch, fill it with snacks or appetizers for parties, or even use it for desserts during afternoon tea. 

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