Table Setting #163
Glassware Brilliance: Yoshita Kasho's Gold-Adorned Elegance

In the diverse world of Japanese tableware, there is a particular allure in blending different materials to create a visually and texturally satisfying tablescape. As we anticipate the coming winter season, we've artfully united lacquerware with a novel selection of glassware, embellishing the table with an invitation to both warmth and clarity to your dining experience. 

An elegant pairing that seamlessly melds the rich texture of lacquerware with the sleek, crystalline allure of glassware. This table design makes for a striking canvas – highlighting the food, enhancing the dining ambiance, and silently telling a story of tradition.


  • The Delicate Dance of Lacquer and Glass
  • Maki-e Glass from Yoshita Kasho: A Gentle Elegance
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Key points of this table setting

1. The Delicate Dance of Lacquer and Glass

Lacquerware, steeped in historical significance and cultural tradition, emanates an opulent and luxuriant gloss. Often matched with porcelain, it creates a classic and elegant dining aesthetic. Yet, today we explore a unique pairing – lacquerware and glassware.

In this exquisite alliance, the design of the glassware plate, rich with gold and accented with fine lacquer lines, harmonize gracefully with the prevailing lacquerware theme, lifting the traditional aesthetic to innovative, new heights.

Glass, with its cool, clear transparency, imparts a refreshing and contemporary edge. The Yoshita Kasho Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plate, a masterpiece born from the meticulous technique of melding hand-painted Maki-e with natural lacquer and Kanazawa gold leaf, unassumingly refracts light, gently casting a mesmerizing golden aura on the table.

We aimed to paint the tabletop with the shine of lacquerware with trays, Aizu lacquerware soup bowls, chopsticks, and chopstick rests, each adding a rich layer with their lustrous coat.

2. Maki-e Glass from Yoshita Kasho: A Gentle Elegance

Exploring the creative craftsmanship of the Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plate by Yoshita Kasho, we discover an unmistakably lavish touch to the dining tableau. Each plate, with their crystalline Tsugaru Vidro base, is adorned with Kanazawa gold leaves and hand-painted with natural lacquer. The plate introduces a splendor to even the most straightforward dishes, shining without overshadowing. Pieces from Yoshita Kasho effortlessly encapsulate an elegance that enhances every dining experience with an assured, delicate richness.

Pairing classic lacquerware with the clean appeal of glass creates a distinctive and attractive tableau for your meals. For an upcoming gathering, enchant your guests with a table setting that's both striking and unexpected. This mingling of traditional and modern, modest and polished, is poised to make your dining experience an unforgettable affair.

Featured Items

Yoshita Kasho 

Yoshita Kasho founded Yoshita Inc. in 1986, a lacquerware painting company passed on from Kasho's father. Today, Yoshita Kasho is the name of the chairman and the brand itself, run by his son Toshiaki Yoshita. Traditionally renowned for their reputation in making Chado utensils, the company is currently expanding its product lines towards modern tableware, while retaining traditional lacquerware techniques.

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