Table Setting #169 
Enjoying a Japanese Winter Solstice  

As December's chill sets in, the shorter days lead up to the winter solstice, known as Toji in Japan. With the briefest span of daylight, Toji marks the onset of true winter. Embracing age-old traditions, our table is decorated to express the joyous shift into the winter spirit.

Join us for a Toji-inspired meal, thoughtfully designed for two. Here, you will experience an intimate setting that resonates with authentic flavors, customs, and artistry of this seasonal event. Feel the essence of the winter solstice in Japanese culture, a moment to share in the enduring beauty and abundance of winter.


  • A Table for Toji
  • Lacquerware for Winter 
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Key points of this table setting

1. A Table for Toji  

The bright hue of yuzu, the iconic Toji fruit, brings a warm glow to our table, perfectly complementing the glossy lacquerware and the intricate patterns of Old Imari porcelain dishes and sake ware.

Our table comes alive with various dishes that have been cherished through the ages. 

Pumpkin, a key ingredient for Toji, is prized not only for its flavor but also for its health benefits. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, it's believed to help fend off colds. The soft, comforting texture of stewed pumpkin is a perfect match for deep, elegant cup and saucer sets.

Equally essential is the winter solstice rice porridge, traditionally made with red beans. Much like red rice, osekihan, served on special occasions, the red beans are a symbol of good fortune, thought to ward off misfortune and bring prosperity. Rice porridge served in a lidded lacquer bowl turns into a comforting yet refined dish, offering a heartwarming embrace for both body and spirit. 

Steeped in Edo period history, the Old Imari patterns that adorn our porcelain sake ware invite you to embrace the time-honored Japanese tradition of cherishing the changing seasons. Why not savor this sentiment with a warm cup of sake?

2. Lacquerware for Winter 

Winter is when lacquerware really stands out, adding a special warmth and elegance to a dining experience. Not only does lacquerware charms with its deep, glossy sheen and mirror-like glimmer, but also gracefully accentuates intricate decorations.

The Yamanaka lacquerware half-moon tray is a cherished choice for special occasions. Its design, embodying the auspicious progression of the moon to its full glory, brings a unique and meaningful touch to individual settings.

Chic in black and auspicious in red, these Yamanaka lacquerware soup bowls are wonderful additions to a tablescape. This piece is ideal for serving ozoni, a classic soup with mochi, an essential dish for New Year's festivities in Japan.

Placing Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks, carefully embedded with mother-of-pearl inlays by a skilled Wakasa lacquerware artisan, instantly enhances the tray's setting with a touch of elegance with its iridescent appeal.

Why not spend this year's winter solstice, landing on December 22, in a unique way by savoring a meal with a Japanese flair? Get ready for the winter season with this cozy, heartfelt celebration, marking nature's transition to the next chapter.

Featured Items


Japanese lacquerware, known as shikki, holds a storied past dating back to 5,000 BCE. This revered craft, celebrated across various regions, showcases diverse styles and techniques unique to each area. Crafted with dedication and traditional methods, it's not only aesthetically captivating but also known for its durability, lightness, antibacterial properties, and the ability to last over 100 years, making it both beautiful and functional.

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