Table Setting #170 
A New Year's Eve Soba Celebration 

As the final hours of the year tick away, Japan embraces a delightful culinary tradition that symbolizes crossing from the old year into the new: toshi-koshi soba. More than just a bowl of noodles, this meal embodies the hopes and aspirations for the year ahead, served in a setting that is both festive and reflective.


  • Crossing Years with Flavor: Toshi-koshi Soba
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Key points of this table setting

1. Crossing Years with Flavor: Toshi-koshi Soba

Toshi-koshi soba, literally meaning "year-crossing noodles," is a special dish prepared on December 31st. It holds a cherished place for many in Japan carrying with it the wishes for health and good wishes for the coming year. The slender and long soba noodles are symbolic, representing a prayer for a life as enduring and resilient as the soba.

While many prefer a classic bowl of toshi-koshi soba on New Year's Eve, we've elevated our soba with a touch of elegance, blending in select New Year's delicacies. The warm soba is crowned with a generous serving of tempura, featuring succulent shrimp and delicate maitake mushrooms, which not only enrich the dish's nutritional value but also infuse it with an exquisite burst of flavor.

The vivid red and green coloring of the arabesque pattern, contrasting beautifully against the earthy backdrop of the stoneware large bowl, breathes vibrancy and movement to the tablescape. This large Kutani ware donburi bowl adds a festive charm, making it a delightful addition.

In anticipation of the New Year, we elegantly presented an assortment of osechi ryori, traditional Japanese New Year's Day delicacies, on a rectangular Mino ware plate. These petite servings, ideal as appetizers, gracefully complemented the soba-focused meal.

2.  Splash of Textures

The New Year's Eve soba table is a pleasant mix of diverse textures, each adding its unique flair. This combination of varying surfaces creates a visually appealing and sensory-rich dining experience at home.

The Kyo ware plate, with its precise tobi-kanna patterns on gentle celadon, provides a serene and artistic touch.

In contrast, the rustic, stone-like texture of the Mino ware plate brings an earthy and natural element.

The red glossy surface of the meticulously crafted Magewappa side plate mirrors the festive spirit of the occasion. Its size is ideally suited for a side dish, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal with its Akita cedar framing. 

As the New Year approaches, it's a time to reflect on the past and prepare for what's ahead. A warm bowl of toshi-koshi soba beautifully encapsulates this transition. In Japan, each noodle symbolizes a wish for longevity, and every distinct flavor adds a dash of joy to the experience. So, as you pick up your chopsticks, consider it a tribute to the year gone by, and a hopeful gesture towards the year to come, all savored one delicious noodle at a time.

Featured Items

Donburi Bowls

The donburi bowl stands out with its size, thickness, and depth compared to a standard rice bowl. It's specifically designed for don meals, where rice serves as a base for various toppings. Ideal for dishes like katsudon, yakitori-don, or poke, the donburi bowl can enhance the eating experience of a Japanese meal. Its versatility extends to noodle dishes, accommodating servings of soba and udon.

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