Table Setting #172 
Serenity with Japanese Tea and Exquisite Celadon

As the new year unfolds, carrying with it a sense of fresh beginnings, it becomes the perfect time to reassess and rediscover the simple pleasures in life. Picture, for instance, enjoying a warm cup of Japanese green tea and your favorite sweets at a table beautifully arranged just for you.

Take the opportunity to reserve time for a mini-retreat that caters to both your senses and soul. Savor this moment, relax, and allow yourself to be enveloped in tranquility.


  • Tea for One: Serene Indulgence 
  • The Elegance of Celadon
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Key points of this table setting

1. Tea for One: Serene Indulgence 

We curated some beautiful pieces that set the tone for special moments just for yourself. At the heart of this table setting is a vibrant Aizu lacquerware tray, shaped like a plum blossom—a symbol of the auspicious arrival of spring. On this vibrant backdrop, we placed a delicate wagashi, a Japanese sweet, on traditional tea ceremony paper known as okaishi and nestled some charming candies in a celadon container.

To complement the wagashi, we chose a light green and sakura pink Mino ware teacup, setting it on a coaster beautifully dressed with gold leaf.

Pink and white colored dumplings are placed on a celadon plate crafted with a gentle and moist texture that's pleasing to the eye.  

These dumplings are fashioned after mochibana, auspicious decorative items found around New Year. In the chilly, snow-filled winters of bygone days, with fresh flowers hard to come by, colored mochi balls were attached to branches, serving as vibrant substitutes.

2. The Elegance of Celadon  

Celadon is celebrated for its elegant allure, captivating with its jade-like beauty. Among Japan's diverse celadon creations, Hataman Touen's Nabeshima celadon distinguishes itself with its unique light green glaze. And the pieces from their Moist series exemplify a perfect harmony of celadon tradition and modern design. 

The small container, adorned with a crane motif symbolizing longevity, radiates timeless charm. With its matte texture, it is delightfully tactile, while the subtle yet enchanting hue enhances its sophisticated aesthetic.

This small plate in a persimmon design, makes an artful statement in this setting with its delicate design and gold accents set against a pale green canvas.

In our fast-paced lives, finding a moment of peace is invaluable. This setting offers a personal retreat, surrounded by the exquisite artistry of Japanese tradition. As you enjoy your tea, let the setting's beauty and calmness remind you of the simple joys of life and the everlasting grace of Japanese artisanal skill.

Featured Items

Hataman Touen Moist Series  

The traditional method of creating celadon in Nabeshima ware is distinguished by its pale blue hue, evoking the image of an Okawachiyama morning veiled in a delicate mist. Hataman Touen has embraced the challenge of creating a new expression of celadon porcelain, and has created the matte-textured Moist series with a sandblasted finish. The moist texture is very smooth to the touch, and the fresh green gradation gives a cool and refreshing feel.

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