Table Setting #180
Sushi with Stylish Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plates

Sushi is a traditional and highly representative Japanese dish, where delicate slices of fish are placed atop vinegar-seasoned rice. The vibrant colors of the fish against the white rice create a contrasting yet harmonious visual. Commonly plated on porcelain or wooden plates, we chose exquisite transparent glass plates for our table setting. The decorated glass complements the texture of the fish, not only beautifully presenting the sushi's quality but also adding a touch of sophistication to the overall ambiance.


  • Translucence and Taste: Elevating Your Sushi Experience
  • Exquisite and Ornate Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plate
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Key points of this table setting

1. Translucence and Taste: Elevating Your Sushi Experience

Sushi, a year-round delicacy, is beautifully showcased in this table setting. By highlighting elegance and authenticity, an ambience akin to a high-end restaurant can be recreated at your own home.

The black, smooth tabletop reflects the tableware items placed on top, creating a tranquil, water-like transparency. The surface of the clear glass plates is exceptionally smooth, significantly enhancing the color and texture of the sushi. The combination of gold on the plates and the overall black scheme harmonizes beautifully, exemplifying a classic and upscale color palette. The Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks adorned with detailed mother-of-pearl inlays and delicate color nuances, enrich the setting's radiance.

The minimalist luxury of both the maki-e glass rectangle plate and the black glossy table, enhances the appreciation of the glassware and the texture of sushi.  

2. Exquisite and Ornate Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plate

Carefully crafted by skilled craftspeople, the Yoshita Kasho Glass Maki-e Rectangular Plate stands as a prime example of fine artisanship, seamlessly blending superior glass quality with innovative decorative techniques. This includes the use of hand-painted maki-e with natural lacquer, artfully merged with the renowned Kanazawa gold leaf, resulting in a piece where grace and tradition are evident in each aspect.

Placing the maki-e glass rectangle plate on a tabletop that resembles water's surface creates an ice floe illusion, elevating the sushi's freshness. The plate's crystal-clear surface is complemented by decadent golden hues with hand-painted classic Japanese motifs. 

With the right choice of tableware, the ambiance of a high-end restaurant becomes your canvas. Savoring these quality, elegant moments with family and friends is a truly blissful and unforgettable experience.

Featured Items

Yoshita Kasho Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plate Series

Yoshita Kasho, a lacquer painting business from Ishikawa Prefecture, has gained international and domestic acclaim for its innovative lacquer tableware designs. Their offerings stand out for being both unique and contemporary, featuring lacquer on glass items crafted through the traditional Aomori Tsugaru Vidro technique. Their creative approach incorporates materials like glass, gold, silver, and limpet shells, continually striving to innovate and create unparalleled works in the world of lacquerware.

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