Table Setting #182
A Lively Lunch with Delightful Dishes in a Jubako Bento Box

As spring draws nearer, the weather warms up, and the earth slowly dons its green new attire. Why not gather with friends to admire the beautiful scenery of spring? In this season, nature awakens from its winter slumber, presenting a landscape brimming with vitality everywhere. In such an environment, not only can you enjoy the beautiful vistas with friends and family, but you can also savor the season's fresh produce together with a Jubako bento box, sharing a wonderful time.


  • Enjoy the Green Beginning
  • The Artistry of the Spinning Top Yamanaka Lacquerware Round Jubako Bento Box
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Key points of this table setting

1. Enjoy the Green Beginning

The overall color scheme of this table setting is light-hearted, with an olive-green tablecloth reminiscent of grasslands seen from afar, lending the entire dining table a springtime foundation. Set with a Yamanaka lacquerware Jubako bento box, intricately designed porcelain items and foods made from seasonal ingredients, the table as a whole is transformed into a verdant garden, uplifting your dining experience.

A Jubako bento box also offers the convenience of easily taking food to the park, enjoying the beautiful scenery with family and friends while savoring a delicious meal.

Carefully crafted sushi, each with fresh ingredients, are placed in one tier of the Jubako bento box, where the colors of the various toppings complement each other, conveying the essence of spring more vividly.

The fried fish ball with a colorful shell, placed on the Plum Blossom Knot Sauce Plate, is rich in color and light in texture, making the tabletop more lively with the added red knotted lines of the plate. 

The Golden Crane Chopstick Rests on the olive-green tabletop harmonize beautifully, evoking the vibrant beauty of spring morning sunlight shining on grass.

2. The Artistry of the Spinning Top Yamanaka Lacquerware Round Jubako Bento Box

This Jubako bento box, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, features a multicolored lacquering technique that has been popular since the mid-Edo period. Its surface is composed of low-brightness lines, lending an overall sophisticated and textured appearance. The parallel lines form a pattern representing Japanese spinning tops, symbolizing good fortune and carrying auspicious meanings.

With its two-tier design, this Jubako bento box accommodates an array of various dishes. One tier can effortlessly hold multiple small bowls like these Plum-shaped Kobachi Small Bowls. Not only does the Jubako bento box present an artistic exterior, but it is also highly functional. It can satisfy the dining needs of two people and is versatile enough to be used for serving appetizers, candies, or other small items.

Sharing a colorful and delicious lunch with family and friends in spring feels as if a gentle breeze reaches into our hearts, blowing away any gloom and fatigue. It allows one to relax amidst nature's awakening beauty, becoming revitalized. Prepare a springtime lunch with your loved ones, and enjoy the splendid scenery of the season together.

Featured Items

Spinning Top Yamanaka Lacquerware Two Tiers Round Jubako Bento Box

This vibrant, two-tiered Jubako bento box showcases the unique koma-nuri "spinning top lacquering" and tame-nuri techniques, hallmarks of Yamanaka lacquerware. Originating in the middle of the Edo period (1603 CE - 1868 CE) and favored by the masses, koma-nuri is a striking, multicolored lacquering method. A maki-e artist meticulously applies each hue with a brush while on a lathe, creating a pattern reminiscent of Japanese spinning tops, believed to attract good fortune. Additionally, Yamanaka lacquerware is distinguished by its evenly spaced lines, or suji-biki, achieved by drawing a blade parallel to the wood's surface on a lathe, adding a refined decorative touch.

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