Table Setting #188
Savor Yudofu in a Traditional Nambu Ironware Pot

A classic Japanese delicacy that can be enjoyed at home and easily prepared is yudofu, also known as hot tofu or boiled tofu. It may seem modest and unassuming at first glance, yet it epitomizes the simplicity and elegance of Japanese cuisine. Preparing this delicacy in a Nambu Ironware nabe cast iron pot is especially fitting. The cast iron pot is not only highly functional but also possesses a rustic beauty in its appearance. These characteristics will enhance your dining experience, and introduce an added layer of traditional feel to the atmosphere.


  • Enjoy A Gourmet Healthy Meal 
  • The Charm of Nambu Ironware Nabe
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Key points of this table setting

1. Enjoy A Gourmet Healthy Meal 

Yamanaka lacquerware and the Nambu Ironware Nabe Cast Iron Pot take center stage for our yudofu meal. The main colors are black and dark red, conveying a sense of elegance and classic beauty. The Reversible Half Moon Yamanaka Lacquerware Tray reflects a soft light, adding a touch of tranquility and relaxation to the overall setting.

The red Negoro Yamanaka Lacquerware Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box employs a technique known as nuno-bari, or “cloth-covered,” creating a textured surface. This gives the bento box not only a sense of sophistication but also conveys a warm feeling to its user.

The brown, wavy edges of the Hideyama Medley of Berries Kutani Oval Plate also match the overall elegant and upscale atmosphere perfectly. Moreover, the interior's lightly sketched berries and branches add a lively feel to the whole presentation. The rich flavor of the grilled fish harmonizes with the delicate yudofu. 

2. The Charm of Nambu Ironware Nabe

Pairing the Nambu Ironware Nabe Cast Iron Pot with the Four-leaf Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Trivet undoubtedly makes it the focal point of the dining table. The pot's highly textured wooden lid and iron handle not only make it incredibly practical but also add to its traditional allure. Made from premium pure iron, this pot enriches boiling water with essential iron, making it ideal for anyone seeking a natural way to boost their iron intake.

The cast iron pot beautifully elevates the cuisine's natural textures, bringing a serene, Zen-like aesthetic to the delightful dish of yudofu.

The tofu, once stewed in a savory broth, unfolds a rich and unforgettable aroma. This table setting aims to inspire you to delve into the allure of the cast iron pot and uncover the fascinating surprises of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Featured item

Nambu Ironware Nabe Cast Iron Pot

This Nambu ironware cast iron pot, with its traditional wooden lid and iron handle, stands out as an exceptionally functional cooking tool. It is perfect for making sukiyaki, as well as stews, stir-fries, and deep-fried dishes. Plus, it is compatible with both gas and induction heating, making it a versatile item in any kitchen.

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