Table Setting #192
Embracing Early Summer with Bamboo Shoot Donabe Rice

As the warmth of May ushers in, the culinary landscape bursts with the freshness of seasonal vegetables, where bamboo shoots take center stage. The distinct texture and earthy flavors of this delicacy are celebrated in many Japanese dishes along with its subtle scent. Join us to explore creative and delicious ways to incorporate this seasonal treasure and others into your meals and enhance your dining table.


  • Vibrant Foods and Flavors
  • Fresh Harmony in a Donabe Rice Cooker
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Key points of this table setting

1. Vibrant Foods and Flavors

Early summer vegetables not only bring vibrancy to the dining table but also tantalize the palate. Among them, bamboo shoot with its coarse skin stands out, accompanied by adorable and succulent red radishes, crisp golden-yellow rapeseed flowers, and an assortment of fresh green vegetables, all evoking a natural ambiance.

At this table setting, each person is greeted by an authentically arranged setting, complete with a tokusa-patterned rice bowl on the left and a vibrant SAKURA Yamanaka Lacquerware Miso Soup Bowl on the right. The delicate cherry blossom motif adorning the soup bowl adds an extra layer of charm, evoking the enchanting transition from spring to summer.

The soup made with bamboo shoots and rapeseed flowers achieves a harmonious color match and offers a deliciously mild flavor from these vegetables.

Cold sake is the fitting choice for summer dining, and the Hirota Green Bamboo Sake Set, with its bamboo-like design, perfectly complements the revitalizing feel of this tablescape. 

In Japan, May 5th is the traditional festival named Tango-no-Sekku. Originally, on this day, people would hang koinobori, carp streamers, to wish for the healthy and prosperous growth of boys. The Red Carp Streamer Nabeshima Ware Small Box is a wonderful item to set on the table for this season as it captures the auspicious spirit of the event.

2. Fresh Harmony in a Donabe Rice Cooker

Bamboo shoots are beloved for their layered texture, subtle fragrance, and delectable fusion with other ingredients. And as they grow rapidly and straight upwards, they are also imbued with wishes for children's growth and success.

Takenoko gohan, bamboo shoots mixed rice, is a highly popular dish in Japan. The Hagama Banko Donabe Rice Cooker, with its earthenware pot, excels in moisture retention and heat preservation, effectively enhancing the aroma of both rice and bamboo shoots. While cooking, a soft and enticing fragrance permeates through the room.

As you lift the lid of the rice cooker, the aroma wafts out like a surprise gift from a box. You and your guests can savor the fluffiness of the freshly cooked rice and the crunchiness of the bamboo shoots with each bite.

A colorful and delicious dining atmosphere seems to possess a magical power to heal both body and mind, allowing one to immerse in the delightful sense of the seasons and appreciate the beauty of various ingredients. The transition from spring to early summer can be a joyful time to share a delicious meal with family and friends, imbued with auspicious meanings.

Featured Item

Hagama Banko Donabe Rice Cooker 3 Rice Cooker Cups (3 Gou) with Rice Scoop and Pot Mat

The Hagama donabe rice cooker, designed for optimal rice cooking, is highly heat-resistant and durable with excellent heat and moisture retention. Its rounded bottom ensures even heat distribution and is suitable for both open-flame and electric stovetops. Originally crafted for use in traditional kamado stoves, its design adds a nostalgic touch to Japanese cuisine. Despite its robust appearance, it is surprisingly lightweight. The cypress wooden lid, with its steam-absorbing properties, enhances the rice's flavor through a dual-lid structure and the pot's far-infrared effects, resulting in perfectly steamed, flavorful rice.

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