Table Setting #200
Culinary Fusion on Turquoise Shigaraki Plates

Welcome to a visual and culinary journey on a striking canvas of turquoise. In this table setting, we showcase the stunning colors and texture of the Malibu series of Hissan Pottery, an exquisite collection of creative Shigaraki ware. Enjoy a tablescape that masterfully blends the unique creativity of Japanese craftsmanship with the artistry of French-inspired Japanese cuisine.


  • Waves of Turquoise
  • Shigaraki Ware from Hissan Pottery
  • Featured Item

Key points of this table setting

1. Waves of Turquoise 

A table setting where Japanese cuisine takes on a French flair can create a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. Fresh sashimi and seafood appetizers, inspired by French culinary techniques, are beautifully plated on vibrant Shigaraki ware plates with a Turkish glaze from the Malibu series. 

Embracing the marine theme, the Hirota Blue Fubuki sake set graces the table with its soft silhouette of hand-formed glass and stunning blue hue, also reminiscent of the ocean.

The cool and muted colors of Kinzan Kiln's Kutani ware beautifully balance out the striking turquoise, creating a harmony of colors that captures the essence of summer. 

Subtle touches of gold, showcased in the Gold Heart Leaf Sauce Plate and the rims of the Kutani ware, infuse an aura of opulence into the ensemble. Gold's versatility allows it to complement a wide range of colors and materials, easily adapting to different themes and occasions.

2. Shigaraki Ware from Hissan Pottery

The Turkish glaze of Hissan Pottery evokes the essence of Japanese artistry, where each plate's surface undulates like the ebb and flow of the sea.

The rustic clay texture comes alive in the plates' thickness and patterns and adds dimension to their visual appeal. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures that no two pieces are alike, capturing the mesmerizing variations of ocean hues.

Inspired by the ever-changing seascape, the Turkish glaze of Hissan Pottery breathes life into each plate, infusing your dining experience with the lively spirit of the ocean. This wonderful series not only complements Japanese cuisine but also lends itself beautifully to global menus, making these pieces your favorites for the summer ahead.

Featured Item

Hissan Pottery 

Hissan Pottery is led by Ogawa Kimio, a fifth-generation artisan renowned for his mastery of Shigaraki craftsmanship. With a deep reverence for nature, Ogawa meticulously incorporates locally sourced, all-natural materials into each piece of his tableware, capturing the essence of Shigaraki's rich heritage and the beauty of the surrounding environment. Ogawa's commitment to sustainability ensures that his studio thrives as a beacon of authentic craftsmanship, fostering a deeper appreciation for locally sourced products while preserving the legacy of Shigaraki pottery for generations to come.

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