Reasonable Starter set for Authentic Japanese Cuisine

A combination that allows you to enjoy an authentic Japanese table setting at a reasonable price.
You can get a set of plates and bowls for only about $150!

Furthermore, 5% off when you buy a total of $100 or more of the items included in the set!

Discount code : STARTERSET

Can be used in a variety of Japanese cuisines

This set can be used not only for the authentic grilled fish meal, but also for various occasions such as putting soy sauce in the white Sauce Plate when eating sushi take-out, serving tempura on the main plate with white paper, and putting tempura sauce in a small bowl.
If you combine a separate Donburi bowl, you can have udon, beef bowl, or other set meal styles with these pieces.

No compromise on every item

For plates and small bowls, we selected Hasami ware, which has beautiful traditional patterns and shapes, for miso soup bowls, we selected Yamanaka-nuri, which is characterized by its deep lacquer, and for rice bowls, we selected Hibino Minoyaki, which is used in many high-end restaurants.

Enjoyment is endless

By swapping some of the sets with items you already own or with another favorite item, the ways to combine them are endless. One idea is to use a more casual tray to create a relaxing atmosphere. Let's try to create your own Japanese dinner style!

Useful items for table setting


Chopstick rest