Table Setting #28 Blooming on the Table

Why not use cheerful colors to set the table? A distinctive Kutani ware bowl that looks like a large peony blooming is used as the main dish, with a beautiful blue bowl on the side. With bright colors on your side, it will surely stimulate your appetite!

The main plate is the medium size of the three-piece Souraku-An Red Peony Bowl Set A. The large peonies are vividly painted, and the gold decoration makes the food look beautiful and gorgeous.When using the other sizes in the set together, it is perfect for entertaining guests. 

A simple and modern Hibino small bowl would be agreat choice for a traditional Japanese style Nimono (simmered food). The bright light blue color brings out the color of the food, and the dark color of the rim makes it look much sharper and stylish. Besides as a small bowl for a set meal, it can also be used as an accent by stacking it on top of a flat plate or in a bento box.

The rice bowl is the S size from Hibino's Raska Marin Modern Mino Ware series, which is also used for Nimono. This size is perfect for a rice bowl. By matching the design of the rice bowl and small bowl, an overall sense of unity is created. The smooth texture is pleasant to the touch, durable, and easy to wash.