Table Setting #38
Enjoy the Layered Style: Usuki Ware Plates with Inari Sushi

Usuki ware's Rinka and Ryouka are stacked on top of each other for an elegant table setting. The matte white color with beautiful shades and the modern design of traditional motifs such as chrysanthemums and lotuses make even the simplest dish look gorgeous.

For the main dish, Inari Sushi, I used two Usuki ware plates. By layering different designs, a rhythm of shading is created. The matte white porcelain with its organic texture makes simple dishes look very beautiful.

For the grilled fish, I chose Bizan Kiln's small plates with a painting of a cat in the center. I used one of a set of five plates, and each plate has a different expression of a cat, which makes it a very cute set. It's fun to see the cat on the plate as you eat the food, isn't it?

For the Miso soup with pork and vegetables, I chose Gato Mikio's TSUMUGI YURI soup bowl. It features a curved edge and a very graceful design. It feels very soft to your mouth and the perfect fit for your hand, so it is also very functional.