Table Setting #40
A Premium Japanese Lunch Set with A Deep Green Tray

We prepare an elegant lunch set with Fukuhou Tokusa series which has a delicate and beautiful stripe patterns. The deep green tray has an outstanding pattern by brush called "Hakeme", creating a traditional and sophisticated atmosphere.

For the rice bowl, earthenware Japanese tea pot, and teacup, I chose the Tokusa series by Fukuhou kiln. The delicate hand-drawn patterns and deep blue color are beautiful and make the dishes look elegant and authentic. The foot has enough height and is very thin and light, making it not only beautiful to look at but also very functional. The trumpet shape is useful to serve a large portion of rice.

For the small bowl, I chose Hasami ware's gorgeous old Imari series. Because of its twisted shape, the gold color shines well and adds an elegant glow to the dining table. In addition to side dishes such as simmered food and Tofu, it is also perfect for desserts and fruits.

For the other small bowl, I chose a square Kutani ware to match the color and shape of the tray. It has the beautiful, intricate painting that is typical of Kutani ware. The inside of the bowl also has a small painting in the bottom which is a fun trick to see when you finish eating.