Table Setting #56
Sushi Set with Japanese Art

The masterpieces of Hokusai Katsushika, Japan's most famous Ukiyoe artist looks great on the dining table. Enjoy Japanese cuisine and Japanese art together.

The platter depicting "The Great Wave," a masterpiece by the genius Ukiyoe artist Hokusai, is the perfect to place your main dish. You can enjoy Japanese cuisine and Japanese art at the same time.

For the soy sauce plate, I chose Hasami ware in the shape of two chrysanthemum flowers combined. This is useful when you want to use two different things at the same time, such as one for condiments and one for soy sauce.

The set of five sake cups in the center of the table is decorated with gorgeous paintings that are characteristic of Kutani ware, making it perfect for special occasions. Please enjoy your sushi while sipping your sake slowly.

The main Sushi plate is the Seikou Kiln White Crane Kutani Rectangle Plate.

I chose the Seikou Kiln Yoshidaya Hibiscus Kutani Rectangle Plate as a main sushi plate.

Hokusai's "Red Fuji" for the main sushi plate.