Table Setting #60
A Party With Sushi Boats

Have a festive sushi party with a Japanese sushi boat! Pair it with traditional patterned tableware for a special table setting with a stunning impression.

At the center of the table, we arranged two sushi boats. Hand-rolled sushi, rolled sushi, and Inari-sushi are placed on the boats. Decorated with bamboo leaves and "Mizuhiki", a decorative Japanese cord made from twisted paper, they give a more luxurious look to the table. In Japan, sashimi is often served on top of sushi boats in addition to sushi.

For the extra plates, we chose Kutani ware plates. The traditional design gives an accentn to the entire table setting. Using a modern HIBINO plate instead of an Orishiki (folding mat) also gives a novel and modern impression. With a Nishijin Ori brocade chopsticks bag, let's begin an elegant and luxurious party!

Don't forget that sushi requires soy sauce. This spill-free and leak-free Edo glass soy sauce dispencer is very easy to use. It combines beauty and high functionality, making it perfect for party occasions. In addition to sushi, it is an indispensable supporting item when eating Japanese cuisine, such as dumplings and sashimi.