Table Setting #64
Evening Drinking Style for Early Summer

Enjoy your evening drinking with a colorful table setting featuring a gorgeous large bowl of Kutani ware.

Early summer table setting highlighted with the vivid colors of Kutani ware

For the main dish, I chose a large bowl of Kutani ware. Its roundish thickness and soft milky-white color give it a soft impression. A arabesque pattern and cracked lines remembrance of broken ice are depicted with the vivid colors typical of Kutani ware. I placed ice inside and served chilled tofu. Since it has a generous capacity, it looks great even when dishes are served high.

"Oden", a type of Japanese hot pot, is served in a large bowl with impressive rhythmic red painting. Not only can it be used as a serving bowl, but its deep design can also be used for soupy noodle dishes such as udon or warm soba noodles.This design also has red painting on the inside, which makes the dish look even more delicious.

HIBINO's colorful plates have a rough texture that gives them a handmade feel. The brush pattern and colorful colors are unique and add a fun touch to the dining table. By daring to use different colors, it gives a playful and delightful impression.

In the center of the table, condiments are arranged on a HIBINO long footed plate to create height. A glass sake cup from Hirota Glass is used to hold the condiments. The glass sake cup can also be used as a "Kobachi" small bowl or a bowl for Japanese sweets. 

Yamanaka lacquer tabletop items such as toothpick holders and condiment containers have an elegant sheen, and just by arranging them on the table, you can create an atmosphere like a Japanese restaurant. Their subdued color go well with any tableware.

For the set of sake cups, I chose Kutani ware from Kokuzou Kiln. The hand-drawn "Mizuhiki" pattern is very cute and creates a fun time for drinking.The set includes a Tokkuri and two sake cups, making it perfect for drinking with a loved one.

HIMURO's sake bottle cooler can cool bottles without getting them wet because it has a double-layer structure there.Fill the cooler with ice and set the included metal container in it. Set the bottle in the container. It can keep the bottle cold for an amazingly long time.

Please try this sake bottle cooler, which can only be made in Japan with the skills of a wooden vat craftsman and a cast metal craftsman.

Featured Product

Bitoen Akae Arabesque Pattern Kutani Bowl

The rounded form and hand-painted arabesque pattern on the rustic stoneware give it a warm texture.

The vivid red and green coloring of the pattern, which is also included inside, complements the food like a picture frame.

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Enchanted with the tradition of the beautiful colors and patterns of Kutani ware - Bitoen

To produce Kutani ware that is suitable for modern life and loved by people in Japan and abroad. This is the theme of Bitoen, which has a history of 100 years.

It is their belief that Kutani patterns, with their depth and grandeur reminiscent of the Sea of Japan in winter, have both modernity and borderless charm.

They offer warm and easy-to-use tableware for everyday use, modeled on the masterpieces that have colored Kutani's history, including Ko-Kutani, Yoshidaya, Ko-Sometsuke(blue and white porcelain), and Rosanjin.