Table Setting #67
Sake Party with Summery Blue and White Porcelain 

Bring a refreshing feel of Arita ware to your cold sake time 

Delightful paintings by Keizan Kiln, an Arita-ware company, whet your appetite.

Keizan Kiln 's Arita ware is attractive for its brilliant painting, which is carefully applied one by one by craftsmen. The delicate brush strokes and dynamic compositions are reflected in the translucent white and elegant luster of the Amakusa pottery stone unique to Arita ware and will add color to a fine table setting. Simply arranging the small plates and sake cups looks vibrant and enjoyable.

Odate Kougeisha's Magewappa trays are a must-have for summer table settings. The gentle texture of the plain wood supports a refreshing atmosphere. On top of the tray, a small chrysanthemum-shaped plate and a small fan-shaped plate are arranged. Although small, these unique plates will accentuate your table setting. They can be used to serve pickles or side dishes, or as a soy sauce dish.

For the sake cup, I chose a flat sake cup. When sake is poured into it, the picture on the bottom reflects on the sake as if it is floating, which is unique to Keizan Kiln ware. It can be used not only as a sake cup, but also as a serving dish for delicacies or small garnish. 

For the sake cooler, I chose KISEN's HIMURO . This cooler is excellent because the bottles do not directly contact with ice, so the bottle doesn't get wet. The contrast between the beautiful natural grain of the wood and the elegant shiny metal is perfect for a summer table setting. Made in collaboration with Japan's excellent woopden barrel craftsmen and metalworking craftsmen, I can confidently introduce this product as Japan's highest quality.

Featured Product

Keizan Kiln Twin Shrimp Arita Sakazuki Sake Cup

This Sakazuki Sake cup allows you to enjoy your sake as the picture inside stands out when sake is poured. The uniquely drawn two shrimps on the inside makes you feel relaxed and cheerful. The gold color painted on the rim adds an accent.

The sake cups are available in different patterns, so you can have them all together for a more enjoyable table setting.

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Arita Keizan Kiln

Keizan kiln, named after "Keizan" meaning "beautiful mountain," is a manufacturer of Arita Ware established in 1957 beside a beautiful valley with a clear stream. The kiln was founded in 1957 by master ceramic artist in a place where the traditional Arita porcelain industry has continued for 400 years.

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