Table Setting #68
Omotenashi with "Temari Sushi" 

Elegant summer table setting with square plates by Arita ware Kaizan Kiln. 

A large square plate of Arita ware "Kaizan Kiln" is a perfect main plate to entertain guests.

"Sikumi" by Kaizan Kiln, an Arita ware company, is a modern-looking series characterized by its square shape. The Wave Arita Square Plate I have chosen as the main piece is a unique plate with a wave motif carved into it. The glaze is applied over the carved surface to show the delicate handiwork of the craftsman. The four feet on the back of the plate give it height, so it casts an elegant shadow without giving a flabby impression.

A "Sikumi" sauce plate is arranged on top of the large plate. The gold and silver checkered pattern brings a modern touch to authentic Japanese cuisine. In addition to the checkered pattern, there is also a different pattern of "Chidori", staggered birds. Also, Hirota Glass's Kiriko sake cups are used as small bowls and placed on top of the plate. The Kiriko pattern on the bottom shines and creates a cool atmosphere.

In the center of the table, I placed a long plate made of Kumiko work. It is easy to serve small side dishes beautifully. The small box with a lid by Arita ware Keizan Kiln is very gorgeous with seasonal flowers painted on it. This time, I put "Kuromame", black beans cooked in sweet syrup, in it. It is also ideal as a container for condiments such as wasabi and mustard. It can also be placed inside a Bento box.

For the plates, I chose a set of five plates with beautiful traditional Kutani ware patterns. They are decorated with ocean waves and woven basket patterns, and have a gorgeous gold "Chibu", a small dot pattern. Although the patterns are painted on all surfaces, they give a chic and tranquil impression. Pale blue is the theme color for this table setting, and the dark blue of this plate set enhances the overall impression. 

For chopstick rests, I chose delicate and beautiful chrysanthemum motifs from Mikawachi ware. We also have a Sakura motif available. Each petal and even the veins of the leaves are expressed by skilled craftsmen, making this a work of art. The larger size makes it wonderful for use with other cutlery in addition to chopsticks. Why not decorate your dining table with the finest Japanese art?

The metal part at the bottom of KISEN's tall size cup not only looks refreshing and beautiful, but also feels cool in the hand, perfect for drinking cold sake. The bamboo joint design makes it look unstable at first glance, but the metal part is designed to be solid and heavy, making it difficult to fall over. The rim is made of thinly processed natural wood, so you can enjoy your sake without unfavorable taste.

Featured Product

Kaizan Kiln Wave Arita Square Plate

Kaizan kiln's original dynamic wave carvings match all kinds of dishes. It is especially suitable for seafood dishes such as Sashimi and Sushi. It also goes well with modern style dishes such as salads and meat dishes.

Kaizan Kiln is a brand that originally specialized in large square plates called "Morikomi" plates. These large flat plates are used to create scenery by arranging food on them and inspire chefs to create their own culinary art. It is difficult to bake a large area evenly and flatly, but thanks to the ingenuity and skill of the previous generation, Kaizan Kiln has come to be known as the leading manufacturer of large serving plates.

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Arita Kaizan Kiln

Keizan kiln, named after "Keizan" meaning "beautiful mountain," is a manufacturer of Arita Ware established in 1957 beside a beautiful valley with a clear stream. The kiln was founded in 1957 by master ceramic artist in a place where the traditional Arita porcelain industry has continued for 400 years.

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