Table Setting #74
An Invitation to the Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Series

This table setting was made for extra-special occasions to welcome and entertain guests for a celebratory gathering. The Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Series includes tableware from small plates to the elaborately decorated three-tier food box. Dress up the table with these stunning tableware to create a mature and chic tablescape for an event to honor someone you respect and love. 


  • A Centerpiece filled with love 
  • Auspicious decors
  • Vibrant Vermillion 
  • Making patterns work
  • A new choice for celebrations
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. A Centerpiece filled with love

When your guests walk into the room, they will immediately set their eyes on the gorgeous three-tier food box. We’ve set the food box in the center so all the guests can enjoy its beauty and all the savory and appetizing dishes set inside. The three tiers provide enough space to set a plentiful amount of food and is easy to store with its removable lid. After admiring the delicately crafted designs on the outside, your guests will want to see what’s inside. Like opening a surprise present, the expectations and excitement increase the elation of the party. Wait to hear all the wows when you open the lid of the food box. 

2. Auspicious decors

All the tableware are designed with traditional auspicious patterns like the plums and the cherry blossoms on the sake carafe. To add to the festive mood, we’ve placed other decor items on and around the table. The Bizan Hokusai Fuji Kutani Decorative Plate Large on the side table captures the moment the rising sun turns Mount Fuji into a red color. A Red Mt. Fuji is known to bring good fortune. The ceramic lucky cat from Kokuzou Kiln is there to beckon more people to come its way and welcome them with its charms.

3. Vibrant Vermillion  

The rich vermillion color of the tableware, the tray and on the painting of Mt. Fuji gives this tablescape a joyful and elegant feel. Vermillion red is considered as an auspicious color in Japanese culture and is a good contrast against the black lacquerware. The red paintings of the tableware are eye-catching with the finely painted motifs of bamboo and plum trees on the Yazaemon items. 

4. Making patterns work

When using tableware with distinctive and elaborate designs like the Yazaemon Series, it’s important to remember not to add too many other items with bold patterns. We’ve used a simple black and red lacquer tray as a placemat. And we placed crisp white napkins with matching tassels and a basic blue table runner to give the setting some symmetry. 

5. A new choice for celebrations

Casual lunches and tea parties are fun ways to get together, but there are occasions when a gathering that is a bit more formal and festive is in need. Use the chic and elegant Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon tableware to create a mature and dignified setting as a new option for showing your appreciation to the ones you love and respect. 

Featured items

Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Series 

Arita Porcelain Lab is a brand/company revived by Yazaemon VII as a successor to the long-established Arita porcelain kiln established in 1804. To make Arita porcelain a global brand, the company has been working hard to create modern Arita porcelain that matches the needs of modern lifestyles while incorporating the more than 200 years of tradition. The Yazaemon Series is decorated with the traditional Ko-Imari (Old Arita) style patterns using refined and artistic brush strokes. The seventh generation Yazaemon inherited the design to mark the 200th year anniversary of the traditional Ko-Imari style technique. The first generation Yazaemon Matsumoto opened the kiln at Sarayama, Arita, Bizen (present day southeastern Okayama Prefecture).

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