Table Setting #8 Relaxing Brunch Table Setting

On mornings when you have more time to spare, why not enjoy a leisurely brunch?Tobe Ware's refreshing blue arabesque pattern is the perfect table setting for a relaxing atmosphere. Add Onta ware in the gentle tones, which goes well with the morning sunlight. Your ordinary brunch will look extra delicious. It's going to be a fun day! 

This plate features an arabesque pattern, one of the representative motifs of Baizan Kiln, and the shade of indigo gives a sense of taste.You can feel the warmth of hand-painting from the patterns using nature motifs.

This Onta ware plate with a unique pattern created using the traditional technique of brushing. It is both rustic and modern, and can be used with any kind of food.

Small bowl from Tobe ware. Perfect for serving small amounts of fruit or sauces.