Table Setting #81
Autumn Entertaining with Premium Japanese Tea  

An elegant and chic table setting to entertain guests with premium Japanese tea and tableware. 
We've set the table with tea ware for guest use and lush lacquerware items to add extra shine and color to the table.  Enjoy the deep rich flavors of high-quality Japanese tea with delectable sweets served on lustrous lacquerware. 


  • Celebrating Autumn
  • Tea Ware for Guests 
  • Sweets Centerpiece
  • Featured Items

Key points of this table setting

1. Celebrating Autumn

Feel the elegance of fall with this chic table setting. 

The main colors of red and black are balanced out with the light aubergine color of the table cloth. 
The lacquerware folding screen beautifully depicts fall flowers such as balloon flowers and plants with two rabbits against the matte texture of the cloth. 
The azuki-colored two-tier food box also gives depth of color to the total color scheme. 

Celebrate autumn with stunning items with fall themes and colors for a cozy tea gathering.

2. Tea Ware for Guests

As there is a difference between tea ware for Japanese matcha tea and Japanese green tea with leaves, there are also some different styles among tea ware for drinking green tea with leaves. 

This Kutani ware tea set from Taishi Kiln includes tea ware that made for guest use and is specifically used to brew premium quality "gyokuro" tea leaves. 
The tea pot is a special kind of pot called a "houhin" which does not have a handle as "gyokuo" is brewed at a lower temperature of about 60°C(140°F).
The teacups are shorter in height and slightly larger in diameter as to enjoy the aroma of the high quality "gyokuro" tea.
The triangular pitcher is called a "yuzamashi" which literally means "hot water cooler" that is used to cool hot water for "gyokuro."
All items are painted using the signature technique of Kutani ware "hanazume." Beautiful floral patterns with gold lining decorate the sides of all the items in this tea set. 

This is the tea set to have to make rich "gyokuro" for your guests and for your family.

3. Sweet Centertpiece  

This unique tableware from Urushikogei Fuji is used to serve sweets to go with the aromatic green tea.
The two on the left are filled with mochi balls with anko(sweet red bean paste) and the ones on the right are fruit cups. The glass cones are detachable from the lacquerware base and can be placed on stands for individual servings. 

Fresh Japanese "wagashi" are served in a two-tier lacquer food box with a decorative lid. In the three Keizan Kiln Small Boxes, we served little jelly cubes like small jewels in a jewelry box.  

This appealing display makes it hard to decide which one to choose.

Entertaining guests is a special occasion where we get a chance to enjoy good conversation and enjoy delicious food and drinks together. 

Have a comforting and pleasant afternoon with your guests drinking rich premium Japanese tea served in a stunning tea set from Taishi Kiln.

Featured items

Taishi Kiln Houhin Set 

Houhin teapot sets from Taishi Kiln are all beautifully painted in classic Kutani ware designs and are must-have items to brew aromatic and rich "gyokuro."  All houhin teapot sets include one houhin(teapot with no handle), one "yuzamashi(hot water cooler) and two teacups.

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