Table Setting #98
 Table in White

Calm and refreshing, white tableware items adapt well to the food being served and add light to a table setting especially on a dark colored table cloth. 
Take a look at the different types of white tableware items in various designs and textures we used for this setting. See how each piece can be used as a canvas to serve colorful menus and add elegance to your table.


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Key points of this table setting

1. White with Character  

White tableware may seem as the most basic of basics, but when stylish white tableware items made of the finest of materials are blended on a table, you can create a very refined Japanese style table setting. 
The key is using items with different textures, shapes and sizes. By combining white items with different characteristics, you can add depth to the table with a sophisticated look. 

The main dish is plated on a White Chrysanthemum Hasami Plate. The wavy lines of the pedals create rhythm on the table top and work well as a frame for the appetizing food plated on the dish. The matte white color, overlaid with a white speckled glaze shine elegantly on the dark blue table cloth. 

Small portions of side dishes are served on 3 items with very differing styles. A tofu mix is served in a floral design kobachi, pickled vegetables are on our new hachi-kutani sauce plate and black beans in a Hanasaka Blanc Sui Kutani Ochoko Sake Cup; all nicely lined on the white Hibino Mars Mino Ware Rectangle Plate. 

The white shine of a Kuntai ware tea cup is a mix-and-match combination with the Seven Stars Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapot in a heavy matte white color. 

2. White Accessories  

White small accessories also add to the refined look of the table scape.

The Yamachiku Nagomi Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks in white on the RINKA Usuki Chopstick rests are perfect with the white porcelain dishes and bowls. The matte texture of the chopstick rests is beautifully crafted, showing the fine handiwork of Usuki ware.

With its translucent whiteness and unique design, the Hirado Gourd Mikawachi Ware Single-Flower Vase is the item to use to complement a white table top with some greenery. Find a fresh branch or a simple single flower to place in this vase for added height and depth. 

Rediscover the charm and appeal of Japanese tableware by enjoying the high-quality craftsmanship and materials put into the production of these beautiful white pieces. If you have white Japanese tableware items, we hope you try decorating your table with them for your next Japanese style meal. 

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Featured items

White Tableware Items 

White items can be great additions to your home as they are very versatile and can help you upgrade your table top presentation.  
They can be used for daily meals as well as formal occasions just by changing the table accessories. White tableware enhances the appearance of food as most menus are best shown off against the white color. 
Start with a white sauce plate or white kobachi bowl to see how "white" can add a Japanese feel to your table.

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