Yasuo Okazaki Naruko Kokeshi Doll L (24cm/9.4in) 

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This large-sized, 24cm(9.4in) Yasuo Okazaki Naruko kokeshi doll is the perfect decorative item for your home, entrance, or children's room! 

The doll is a traditional craft that consists of a cylindrical body, a round head, and a chrysanthemum pattern. It boasts a history dating back to the Edo period (c. 1603-1867), and has been beloved as a children's toy for more than 200 years.

Naruko kokeshi dolls are originally from the Tohoku (northeastern) region of Japan. They are famous for the squeaking sound their heads make when turned, which is a result of a unique method in which the head is inserted into the torso.

Although sturdy, the dolls are sensitive to water and it is recommended to avoid placing them outside or in high-moisture areas. In the case that they do get wet, the paintings and designs of the doll may smudge. 

Yasuo Okazaki is a skilled Naruko kokeshi craftsman responsible for the creation of this series. After learning and acquiring skills from his father, Okazaki has created many kokeshi works in his hometown of Naruko, Miyazaki Prefecture. 

Naruko kokeshi dolls are adorably adorned with tied-up bangs and red hair ornaments.  They are smooth to the touch and comfortable to hold. This dynamic doll stands out, and is sure to make for a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend! 


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: D9cm(3.5in)(head)xH24cm(9.4in)
  • Material: Wood
  • Origin: Made in Japan


Okazaki Yasuo is a kokeshi doll craftsman who has his workshop "Kokeshi no Okajin" in Naruko Onsen hot springs and is the executive director of the Miyagi traditional kokeshi dolls association federation. He has been making kokeshis for generations since his grandfather's generation.

After graduating from high school, he followed his father, Jinji, for training in wood carving and started making kokeshi dolls. In addition to his workshop at the Okajin’s storefront, he also makes kokeshis at the demonstration site of the Nippon Kokeshi Museum, where visitors can observe actual woodworking lathe in action.

Beyond just creating these pieces of art, Okazaki has also made it his mission to train young craftsmen so that this important piece of culture and tradition can be passed down for generations to come.

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ABOUT Naruko Kokeshi Dolls

Naruko kokeshi dolls originated in the late Edo period(c. 1603-1867) when wooden bowl and tray makers crafted them to provide amusement for their own kids as well as those of their neighbors. As the years progressed, they were sold as souvenirs, paving a way for adults to make collecting and appreciating these dolls a hobby.

Naruko kokeshi dolls were designated as a national traditional handicraft by the Japanese national government in 1981, when the traditional kokeshi dolls of Miyagi Prefecture were put together as "Miyagi traditional kokeshi dolls."

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