Ihoshiro Kiln Japanese Lantern Series Mino Ware Chopstick Rest

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This Japanese lantern chopstick rest features a red lantern which is often displayed as signs in popular bars and pubs in Japan.

When you walk through a bar area in Japan, you will find Izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) with red lanterns hanging in front of their stores, which are designed to serve low-price drinks. These lanterns have been in use since the Edo period.

The chopstick rests are made at the Ihoshiro Kiln in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture. Their craftsmen make chopstick rests one by one, not using mass production or machining methods.

In Japan, chopstick rests are an indispensable piece for table setting. Although it is a small tableware, you can express your personality by choosing a motif that suits the season or a festive event.

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  • Dimension: 【Long Side】5.7cm(2.2in)
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Ihoshiro Kiln

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Ihoshiro Kiln was established in 2007 in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, a city rich in nature. It is a ceramic studio that produces original chopstick rests with "feelings and hands" in mind.

At present, more than 20 artisans are making cute chopstick rests every day. They design chopstick rests, which are small pieces of ceramic, as items that make people's hearts flutter.

Their chopstick rests convey the season feel and the spirit of hospitality and have the power to change the dining table. The wishes they put into these small chopstick rests are sure to enrich your dining experience.

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About mino ware

Mino ware is a type of pottery in which many colors and designs have been created to suit the times and people's tastes. Therefore, Mino ware has a variety of techniques and diverse looks and textures.
Mino ware is made using the soil of Gifu Prefecture, known as Japan's largest producer of pottery, and is easily blended into our daily life. The diverse designs and styles of Mino ware, which have changed their shapes to suit the trends of the times and people's lifestyles, are the most attractive and unique of all pottery.