Morisa Sukiawase Tosa Washi Paper Origami (12 sheets)

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Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, has been enjoyed by many people since ancient times. It is the traditional Japanese game of folding elaborately creating paper into myriad shapes, typically including plants, animals, and other living things.

In addition to folding, Morisa origami can also be used to make everyday items such as envelopes, chopstick rests, chopstick holders, small box for snacks and others. You can enjoy making everyday necessities with these beautiful washi origami.

These fine sheets of Origami are made of washi paper, known as Tosa Washi Paper, produced by Morisa in Kochi Prefecture. The place is known for the high quality of its kozo (paper murberry) and mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha), the raw materials used to make washi paper. Tosa Washi Paper is characterized by its thinness and durability.

This set of origami contains three sheets of each with four different colors. 

They are produced with a technique called Sukiawase, a technique to make a duplex structure sheet by adding another sheet of washi paper to the back of Rakusui paper. Rakusui is a traditional technique to make a pattern on washi paper by dropping water onto the wet washi. 

The pattern is called Seikaiha. It is loved as a lucky sign by the look of the pattern whose waves widen towards the end, meaning increasing prosperity.


  • Quantity: A set of 12 sheets
  • Dimension150mm × 150mm (3.8inch × 3.8inch)
  • Material: Washi Paper 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Tosa Washi
  • Brand: Morisa


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Morisa continues to produce Tosa Washi Paper with rich ideas and the fun and beauty of washi, matching washi to the needs of the times while carrying on the tradition. Using the expertise and creativity of its craftsmen as well as its unique processing technology, Morisa has produced many one-of-a-kind Tosa Washi Paper products that could not have been realized by handmade paper making alone.

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Tosa Washi Paper

Tosa Washi Paper is Japanese paper made in Ino-cho, Kochi Prefecture, and around Tosa City. Together with Fukui Prefecture's Echizen Washi and Gifu Prefecture's Mino Washi, Tosa Washi is one of the three major types of Washi. Known for its gentle touch and warm texture, it was designated as a traditional craft in 1976 because of its fine quality.