Shokado Bamboo Bento Box

JPY ¥13,900

This unique Japanese bamboo bento box is perfect for serving appetizers or side dishes.

"Shokado" bento box is regarded as stylish and formal style of bento which also can be seen in a Kaiseki restaurants in Japan.

With its partition, you can enjoy setting various small bowls or plates in it. You can also serve the dishes directly on it, which will look gorgeous and sophisticated.

The surface of the container is coated, so it is safe to wash with detergent. The dividers are removable for easy cleaning. Washing by hand is recommended for long-lasting use, as using a dishwasher may cause the product to deform due to heat or cause the coding to peel off easily.

The capacity is about 2160ml, and the size of the four spaces with dividers is 95mm x 95mm x 60mm.

In Japan, we have a custom of bringing a box of meal, called "Bento", to work, school, picnics, etc. It is suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use such as picnics.
You will be able to amaze and treat your friends and guests with this box.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: W21cm(8.2in) x D21cm(8.2in) x H5.5cm(2.1in)
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Origin: Made in Japan

Japanese Bamboo Craft

Bamboo has been actively planted throughout Japan since ancient times, and well-kept bamboo groves have formed a beautiful landscape.

Flexible, strong, and versatile, bamboo is truly a blessing from nature and an indispensable plant for the transmission of Japanese culture and people's daily lives. Bamboo handicrafts have developed to suit the local lifestyle.

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