Yatsuyanagi Shell Inlay Checkered Pattern Akita Cherry Bark Work Plate 12.7 in

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This stunning large plate is made by Yatsuyanagi, a manufacturer of cherry bark work from Akita Prefecture. It features delicate cherry blossom decorations using light-colored cherry bark and shell inlays, set against a meticulously crafted checkerboard pattern for a traditional feel.

The size is ideal for family meals and parties, with ample space to showcase food in an elegant manner. This piece can be used as a serving plate for everyone to share at the table or for one person. The generous size allows you to serve different types of food on one plate, so you can taste a little of everything. 

The cherry trees used for Akita cherry bark work are mainly wild cherry trees from the Tohoku region, which grow in a harsh climate and are said to be beautiful and durable. The cherry bark is carefully peeled off from the trunk and left to dry in the shade for a year or two to remove the moisture.

Since its establishment in 1876, Yatsuyanagi has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of cherry bark work for generations in Kakunodate, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture, a place rich in nature. They are a manufacturer that puts their heart and soul into each and every product, using the advanced technology that has been handed down from generation to generation to create items for daily life that are both easy to use and beautiful. 


  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimension: D 32.2 cm (12.7 in) × H 0.7 cm (0.3 in)
  • Material: Wood 
  • Coating: Urethane resin
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Akita Cherry Bark Work
  • Brand: Yatsuyanagi



Yatsuyanagi was founded in 1876 and has been manufacturing Kabazaiku for generations in the nature-rich Kakunodate area of Akita Prefecture.
While inheriting the traditional technique of using delicate and precise skills, they also produce tools and polished Kaba jewel-like accessories that are safe and secure, easy to use, and beautiful to accompany modern life.

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About Kabazaiku
"Cherry Bark Craft"

Kabazaiku is a craft made in Akita Prefecture, northern Japan, from the bark of the Japanese cherry tree. The mysterious silk or metal-like luster unique to cherry tree bark and the deep color of the tree are used to create tools of unparalleled beauty. It is a traditional Japanese craft with a history of about 250 years.