10 August 2023

Delightful Summer Treats to Go with Your Tableware

Desserts and small appetizers give a lot of joy especially when we see them beautifully presented on charming plates. Japanese sweets are not an exception. This article will introduce you to some varieties in tableware that would go well with desserts and appetizers, both to satisfy your taste and your eyes.


  • Red Bean Jelly and Celadon
  • Matcha Ice Cream and Lacquerware
  • Mochi in a Glass on Red Lacquerware
  • Cheese and Lacquerware
  • For a Colorful and Delightful Summer

Red Bean Jelly and Celadon

Red bean jelly is a traditional confection with a shade of blue-brown which emanates an exquisite shine. It has captivated many gourmands and artists, ascending it to the status of an artwork.

One famous Japanese writer wrote:

"…how its surface is so smooth, and glimmers light so delicately makes me think of it as a piece of fine art...Especially when I put it on a plate of blue celadon, it feels like the shiny jelly has just emerged from the turquoise porcelain, and I am so tempted to touch it; gazing at it all day long."
("Pillow of Grass," Natsume Soseki, 1906)

A summer delicacy in Japan, its mild sweetness with the fragrance of red beans, as well as the smooth and gelatinous texture is certainly heavenly.

While feeling the breeze of summer, a serene blue of a turquoise-colored celadon sauce plate may add to the overall pleasure of a calm and refreshing experience of this dessert.

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Matcha Ice Cream and Lacquerware

Lacquerware's luminous red coating adds to the luxurious feel with the gentle green of matcha ice cream. A splendid contrast between the red and green matcha or golden vanilla is also an exciting treat.

A wooden spoon also coated with lacquer will give you the warmth of wooden texture, rather than the ice-cold of metal spoons. A delight for the eye as your tongue tastes the sweet dessert.

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Mochi in a Glass on Red Lacquerware

If you're into a refreshing cool dessert, try mochi with sweet bean paste, served in an Edo glass teacup on a red-lacquered tray. The vivid shiny red captures your eye. If you want a more Japanese-style presentation, a leaf of bamboo will make the dessert more poetic, as you imagine a serene and quiet bamboo forest. 

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Cheese and Lacquerware 

Why serve your delicious cheese on a plain white dish, when a lacquered sauce plate with a beautiful gold painting can blend nicely with these fine appetizers?

The yellow or cream-white shades of cheese go well with the splendid craftwork of golden powdered luminous black lacquerware. 

The charming fine painting on the lacquerware complements the luxurious experience for appetizers.

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For A Colorful and Delightful Summer

These were just some recommended arrangements for your summer sweets to go with handcrafted tableware. For a more joyous and playful feel, the blue celadon charming plates can go with various desserts. Or if you are more inclined to enjoy the quiet summer evening feeling the breeze, the luminous black lacquer with golden paintings will give you a luxurious experience.

For more of our collection of summer-themed tableware ideas, check out our Summer Collection.

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