10 November 2023

Elegance in Every Sip: Glassware Matcha Bowls in Modern Tea Ceremonies

The tea ceremony remains an experience of the senses, where the visual appeal, tactile experience, and the sound of tea being whisked in the bowl all contribute to a profound atmosphere of mindfulness and connection. In these ceremonies, where the ultimate aim is to create a warm welcome for guests, the aesthetic element plays an indispensable role.

At the heart of the Japanese tea ceremony, an event that captivates all senses, is the matcha bowl, or chawan. These bowls, traditionally crafted from materials such as porcelain or the esteemed Raku ware with its rustic charm and traditional allure, are central to the tea experience and have long held a cherished place in tea ceremonies.


  • A Harmony of Tradition and Innovation
  • Advantages of the Glassware Matcha Bowl
  • Reliving Opulence: The Allure of the Golden Matcha Bowl
  • Winter's Embrace: The Silver-Infused Matcha Bowl
  • Sakura Dreams and Silver Streams
  • The "Ginga" Matcha Bowl's Celestial Appeal
  • The Charm of Modern Glassware Matcha Bowls

A Harmony of Tradition and Innovation

Yet, despite the rich history and the revered status of such traditional wares, the tea world is not immune to innovation. 

In the tea ceremony, glassware has been produced for a wide range of purposes, including tea canisters, matcha bowls, water pitchers, and so on, to add a sense of coolness to the setting. The name for glass products introduced to Japan from the Netherlands during the 16th to 17th centuries, giyaman, still refers to glassware used in tea ceremonies today.

Drawing from the legacy of historical glassware, Yoshita Kasho has innovated upon the traditional matcha bowl by employing modern manufacturing techniques with heat-resistant glass. His use of a unique lacquer method not only advances the artistic merit of these pieces but also infuses them with a modern aesthetic.

As a result, the revitalized Glassware Matcha Bowl harmoniously blends the classic allure of lacquer's warmth and texture with the minimalist elegance of glass, thus forging a distinctive creation that honors historical artisanship while embracing modern design.

Advantages of the Glassware Matcha Bowl

There are several reasons why these Glass Matcha Bowls are gaining popularity:

Versatility Across Seasons:

While many matcha bowls are inspired by specific seasons, the beauty of the Glassware Matcha Bowl lies in its universality. The use of glass makes it apt for any season, be it the blossoming allure of spring, the vibrant energy of summer, the mellow tones of autumn, or the serene calm of winter.

Functional Elegance:

The design of the Glassware Matcha Bowl doesn't just prioritize aesthetics but also functionality. These bowls are made with heat-resistant glass, ensuring that even with steaming hot tea, the bowl remains cool to touch. Moreover, its smooth surface makes it easy to rinse the residue of matcha, allowing for a cleaner tea-drinking experience, especially with thick, frothy matcha.

Extravagant Designs:

The paintings on the matcha bowls are meticulously crafted on the exterior of the glass, allowing enthusiasts to admire their beauty from the interior without risk of damage. Subsequently, these artworks are safeguarded by a coat of black lacquer or embellishments of gold and silver leaves, ensuring their visibility exclusively from within. Adding to their utility, these bowls are further accentuated with intricate gold and silver designs, elevating the tea-drinking experience. As one indulges in the lush matcha, the carefully hand-painted designs that dance upon the glass surface offer a mesmerizing visual delight.

Reliving Opulence: The Allure of the Golden Matcha Bowl

The incorporation of gold and silver designs into the Glassware Matcha Bowls isn't just a testament to their luxury but also a nod to the opulence of historical tea ceremonies. Such metals have always been associated with affluence and regality, and their inclusion in the design of these bowls brings a touch of that royal charm to contemporary tea ceremonies.

In a way, drinking from these extravagantly designed bowls is reminiscent of the grandeur of ancient courts and palaces, allowing one to momentarily step into a world of elegance and refinement. The reflections of these metals against the luminous green of matcha create a visual spectacle that's as delightful as the taste of the tea itself.

Drawing inspiration from a revered golden matcha bowl of the 16th-century, this luxurious matcha bowl revives the enchanting aesthetics of its style. The opulent gold layer is protected by glass, then layered with a warm lacquer coating, ensuring only the owner experiences the full splendor of this realm. Sipping the hot matcha, one is swept into a harmonious dance of warm fragrance, bitter-mild taste, and the mesmerizing brilliance of gold, embodying the rich aesthetics of the bygone era.

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Winter's Embrace: The Silver-Infused Matcha Bowl

The silver-white gleam of this matcha bowl, reminiscent of winter snow's majestic glint, harmoniously contrasts with matcha green, evoking visions of sunlit snow amid evergreen pine forests. The warmth of the tea within, held in the palm of your hand, beautifully juxtaposes the cold winter theme. Coated in black lacquer, the rough wood-like texture of the bowl offers a meditative and sturdy black tone. The silver emanates a restrained elegance, intertwining serenely with the warm green hue of matcha to deliver a subtly exquisite experience.

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Sakura Dreams and Silver Streams

The luminous silver surface of this matcha bowl draws the eye, accentuated by beautifully scattered sakura flower petals. As warm matcha fills the bowl, it paints the scene of an enchanting garden, the petals stirring a deep nostalgia for the sakura trees of Japan. The intricate creases of the silver leaves showcase the craftspeople's meticulous hand-brushing technique, yielding unique reflections. Every detail, from the hand-painted petals to the dotted pollen patterns, is thoughtfully and carefully crafted. Immerse yourself in the mild-sweet fragrance of the matcha, as you're transported to a serene garden, where pink sakura petals flutter amidst a gentle silver breeze, capturing a moment of fleeting beauty.

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The "Ginga" Matcha Bowl's Celestial Appeal

Gazing into this matcha bowl, the shimmering silver leaf powder mimics the infinite expanse of a starry night, while the gold leaf's subdued brilliance resembles distant stars. Square fragments of blue shells cast dreamy green and purple reflections. When filled with matcha, the bowl becomes a night sky above a verdant meadow, the steam forming misty clouds that momentarily obscure its radiant stars. Aptly named "Ginga" or galaxy, it elevates your tea experience, keeping your matcha warm and inviting. Each bowl, a microcosm of the universe, is presented in a bespoke wooden box, making it an ideal gift.

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The Charm of Modern Glassware Matcha Bowls

The Glassware Matcha Bowl is more than just a tea utensil; it's a bridge between the old and the new, between tradition and innovation. Whether it's the ethereal beauty of a starlit galaxy, the nostalgia of sakura petals, or the timeless shimmer of silver and gold, these bowls offer more than just a vessel for tea; they provide a window into a world of elegance, refinement, and sensory delight. 

They cater to both experts steeped in tea culture and novices alike, delivering an experience that marries finesse with functionality, steeped in heritage yet distinctly forward-looking. Yoshita Kasho mentions that tradition is not by merely preserving it, but by allowing it to evolve — and in the realm of tea, the Glassware Matcha Bowl is a shimmering example of just that.

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