02 October 2023

Fall's Finest: Teacup Pairings to Savor the Season

As leaves in shades of fiery red and golden yellow sweep across the canvas of the earth, and a brisk breeze ushers in the changing of the seasons, nature embraces a slower pace, a more serene landscape. The stage is set for tranquil moments at home, where you can savor life's simplest pleasures like cradling a warm cup in hand.

Seek solace in a cozy spot where you can immerse yourself in the pages of a cherished book or a nostalgic tune and enjoy a heartwarming beverage and delightful treat. Our exquisitely crafted drinkware and plates will help elevate moments of solitude and make your autumn even more special.


  • Teatime with Usuki Ware
  • Refined Reverie: Matcha Excellence Embodied 
  • Green Tea with Kutani Ware's Blend of Tradition and Play
  • Hojicha Tea with Hanazume Elegance
  • Java Joy with Floral Tobe Ware 

Teatime with Usuki Ware

Tailor-made for discerning tea enthusiasts: the RYOUKA Usuki Teacup paired with the RINKA Twelve Petals Usuki Sauce Plate. Made with meticulous care, the teacup exemplifies the grace of a lily—an emblem of Usuki City in Kyushu. In harmonious complement, the plate reflects the elegance of unfurling floral petals, also capturing the essence of a city nestled in nature's beauty.

View RYOUKA Usuki Teacup

As the tea gently fills the cup, observe the captivating contrast between the matte, smokey white texture of the teacup and the tea's golden hue. The plate's artful design serves as a frame for any delicacy it hosts. Neither excessively formal nor overly casual, it is the topping choice for those seeking quiet solo time, adorned with sophistication.

View RINKA Twelve Petals Usuki Sauce Plate

Refined Reverie: Matcha Excellence Embodied

For those special moments when nothing but the finest will do, relish premium matcha at its best during the months of October and November with this golden matcha bowl from Yoshita Kasho. 

The gold leaves glisten with a radiance akin to the splendor of ginkgo foliage and beautifully capture a verdant hue. Created with devotion, gold leaves decadently grace a revered Tsugaru vidro glass bowl beneath a lacquer coating, ensuring an enduring gleam. As you savor the matcha, its warm aroma and gentle mellow taste blend seamlessly with the lustrous aura of gold. 

View Yoshita Kasho Glass Gold Matcha Bowl Chawan

Accompanying the freshly whisked matcha is a Japanese confection reminiscent of an intricately layered chrysanthemum served on a sheet of delicate "Kaishi" paper. This traditional choice over a contemporary plate deeply resonates with the spirit and tradition symbolized by the bowl, enriching the authenticity of the moment.

With matcha revealing its richest flavors, this pairing emerges as a beacon of elegance. Transform your autumnal tea sessions into unparalleled experiences of luxury and refinement.

Green Tea with Kutani Ware's Blend of Tradition and Play

Delve into the charm of our "Sometsuke" Kutani teacup and plate this autumn.  With a unique depiction of a kimono-clad man serenading with a vertical flute, this Japanese teacup stands as a remarkable demonstration of Kutani Choemon's six-decade legacy, merging timeless tradition with contemporary design. The delicate interweaving of the blue and white of sometsuke serves as a beguiling background, enhancing the vibrancy of the Japanese green tea it holds. 

Adding a whimsical touch, the accompanying plate features a playful skeleton, merrily echoing the same tune—perhaps in eager anticipation of the coming season of tricks and treats. Served on this plate is "Kuri-yokan," a delectable chestnut red bean jelly brimming with the flavor. Together, this teacup and plate weave tradition and mirth, nodding to the many pleasures of fall.

View Choemon Flute Player Kutani Yunomi Japanese TeacupView Choemon Skeleton Kutani Round Plate

Hojicha Tea with Hanazume Elegance

Adorned with a splendid chrysanthemum motif, this Hanazume Kutani Japanese teacup captures the glorious beauty of fall flowers. These culturally significant flowers in full bloom symbolize the rich tapestry of this time of year. With its thick and resilient stoneware, this Japanese teacup is the preferred choice for serving hot Hojicha tea, known for its roasted, robust flavors.

View Hanazume Kutani Yunomi Japanese Teacup

Complementing this tea perfectly is the iconic Hiroshima delicacy known as "Momiji-manju." Shaped like maple leaves that paint an autumn landscape, this treat evokes the very imagery of the season. The vibrant red Magewappa plate mirrors the fiery foliage of maple trees alike. Made from Akita cedar, this plate not only offers a visual feast but also carries the subtle, soothing aroma of cedar.

View Odate Kougeisha Magewappa Round Side Plate

Java Joy with Floral Tobe Ware 

Our Tobe ware mug is the ideal choice for your favorite java. Adorned with soft blue flowers reminiscent of watercolor strokes, this mug not only provides warmth but will also lift up your mood. Much like a close companion, this mug will become a piece that brings solace within arm's reach.

View Higashi Kiln P.S. Blue Tobe Mug

While coffee alone offers soothing delight, the addition of sweet chocolates will take your coffee break to another level of indulgence. These delectable chocolates are set on a traditional sometsuke sauce plate, masterfully shaped like a chrysanthemum. Its hand-painted spiral blue patterns harmonize beautifully with the azure floral designs on the mug.

While this set may not overtly embody the spirit of autumn with its hues and motif, its essence of warmth and comfort perfectly captures the cozy sentiments of a chilly day in fall.

View Keizan Kiln Twist Arita Chrysanthemum-shaped Sauce Plate

Every pairing presents a unique ode to the season: from Usuki ware's masterful interpretation of nature to the visionary fusion of lacquer, gold and glass by Yoshita Kasho. As the hues of autumn foliage deepen and evenings deliver a cooler embrace, the temptation of a warm drink served in authentic drinkware grows irresistible. Enriched by the narratives of artistry and flavor, what could be more gratifying?