March 2023

From Omakase to Michelin-starred restaurants!
Chef's Tableware from Musubi Kiln

When it comes to dining out, the experience is just as important as the food itself. A well-presented dish not only stimulates the appetite but also creates a lasting impression on diners. One way that restaurants can enhance the dining experience is through the use of beautiful tableware.

Musubi Kiln tableware has been used in numerous restaurants. You may be curious about how chefs decide which type of tableware to use in order to best highlight their culinary creations. In this issue, we would like to take a peek at some of the situations in which such tableware is actually used. 


  • Omakase Haku / Perth, AU
  • shinshinsushi / Wyoming, USA
  • Katsu Ya / Fortitude Valley, AU
  • Restaurant 212
  • Conclusion

Omakase Haku / Perth, AU

Located in Perth, Australia, HAKU is a private dining room with only six seats that serves "omakase" style, featuring the best ingredients of the day. The spirit of "Omotenashi," entertaining guests is evident not only in the food, but also in the tableware. Colorful Kutani ware plates and vases, Hello Kitty Edo Kimekomi dolls, and other items that complement the food make for a special occasion.


shinshinsushi / Wyoming, USA

The modern restaurant blends Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese elements to create a space where diners can enjoy sushi along with organic wines, Japanese beer, and sake. Serving dishes like bluefin tuna topped with osetra caviar, cold-smoked yellowtail with green chile yuzu, and Wagyu beef tartare over crispy rice, Shin Shin uses Hibino's subdued matte black sushi plates, which suit the ambience of the space and the food.


Katsu Ya / Fortitude Valley, AU

Katsu-ya serves dinner in an omakase style. While the white wood countertops and white tiles in the kitchen create a clean and gentle impression, the colorful walls and Bearbrick figures give Katsu-ya a pop impression. The owner's attention to detail is also evident in the dishes he chooses, such as pastel-colored fantasy dishes by Ginshu Kiln and floral-printed rice bowls by Kokuzou Kiln. The delicate patterns show the quality of tableware made by hand, one by one. Enjoying them with a similarly heart-felt dinner is sure to be a memorable experience.


Restaurant 212

Restaurant 212 by renowned Dutch chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot is located in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Holding two Michelin stars, the restaurant is also one of the first real fine counter restaurants in Amsterdam.

Their culinary style is creative and dynamic, which is evident in the choice of tableware as well as the décor. The chosen pieces are the mysterious Usukiyaki, which has a presence like no other. The antique-like shape of the rim, the tasteful, soft white glaze. It is the perfect plate for a surprise that invites you into a world of exciting dining experiences.


Just as an artist can use a blank canvas to create something truly special, the perfect marriage of food and tableware will bring out the best in the diner's experience. Every plate becomes a piece of art in its own right and will bring you pleasure before you even taste the dish.

It is a great honor to us at Musubi Kiln that the chef selected our dishes from amongst an array of star-studded eats. Our hope is that one day, you will have a chance to experience them first-hand in your own city. 

We will continue to introduce restaurants that use Musubi Kiln plates on our blog, so please check back again!