17 May 2022

Impression of using ”BIRDY. Towel" for one month

There are many attractive tableware with designs using traditional techniques and natural materials such as lacquer and wood. However, many people may be concerned about the hassle of cleaning them, including the fact that they cannot be used in a dishwasher.

The BIRDY. Towel series makes the daily care of such favorite tableware easier and more comfortable. Our staff, who does daily household chores, used the product for a month and found its functionality to be excellent.

Please take a look at the detailed impressions for reference when choosing the color and size.

*This article is based on the personal experiences of MUSUBI KILN staff members, and therefore contains subjective views.


  • BIRDY. Kitchen Towel
  • BIRDY. Wiping Cloth
  • BIRDY. Glass Towel

BIRDY. Kitchen Towel

Dries quickly

I use it for daily dish cleaning. After washing dishes in the morning, I hang it in the kitchen and it dries by night so it is comfortable to use again when I wash dishes after dinner.

After using it at night, I wash it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry the next morning. You don't have to put it in a laundry net.

One towel is enough to use for cleaning dishes during the day since everyone in our family is out of the house for work or school, but if you wash dishes during the day as well, or if you have home parties or other occasions where many dishes are used, 2-3 towels may be more convenient.

M size is recommended for people who use a lot of dishes or want to wipe pots and pans.

For S size , it can wipe dishes for four people and still absorb water well all the way through. After wiping, you can see the product contains water and becomes heavier. It is difficult to wipe large pots and pans with the S size. If you use a lot of dishes or want to use it to wipe up cookware, we recommend the M size.

BIRDY. Wiping Cloth

I use it every day to wipe up the cooking area. With just one wipe, it quickly cleans up messes and leaves no water marks, so it is completely different from other kitchen wipes. I use them both morning and night as I use kitchen towels, and I have never had a problem with them not drying quickly enough.

They do not get worn or fray even after daily use.

Dark gray is recommended for those who are concerned about towel stains.

When I wiped dark colored cocoa powder or sauces, the color remained even after machine washing. Soaking and washing or rubbing the soap removed some of it.

If you are concerned about color staining, we recommend the dark gray.If you use it only as a finishing wipe, light gray would also be fine. 

The modern and stylish design and texture are great without spoiling the atmosphere of your kitchen.

BIRDY. Glass Towel

The thin fabric with a light texture is easy to use for wiping glass surfaces. It is very pleasant because it leaves no water marks or dust at all. Since I often use colored glass items, I thought a kitchen cloth might be sufficient in that case.

I think this product will be useful for those who use glass items on a daily basis, such as wine glasses, which tend to show dust and water stains.

It is quite absorbent, so the M size was sufficient for about 6 wine glasses.

BIRDY. Towel "Professional Kitchen Linens"